The Voice Battle Round: Anthony Evans vs. Jesse Campbell

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Christina Aguilera could do no wrong, and no right, with this matchup.

Watching Anthony Evans square off with Jesse Campbell on The Voice was just terrific, yet it makes you wonder why she picked them to face each other.

After all, one has to go home on the spot. Does her team have that much depth that she can cut one of these two loose? It's too bad, in any event.

Jesse ultimately impressed the panel's only female coach enough to sneak through, but this was a tough one people might be second guessing.

What do you think? Did Xtina get it right? Watch the Battle Round below:

Who was your favorite performer last night? Follow the links for Monday's other Battle Round performances, with the winner of each listed first:

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I am sorry that someone has to lose, however the best voice is still in the runnings Jesse Campbell. Anthony has a great voice, however Jesse has what it really takes to be the "Voice". Jesse you are the "Voice".


I must say I don't think their will be a round like this one every. Both of them were great, however Jesse Campbell just has it, he is smooth and he has the stage presence. I have never seem anyone sing as effortless as Jesse. Alicia Keys should feel honored that they did such as fantastic job with her song. One could ever say never heard it any better. Jesse Kudo's to you man you are a Star and I am predicting the winner of the "VOICE" see you in the Grammy's. You family should be proud I know I am. Great job to the mother.....


These guys is bringing back R&B to what it needs to be. Like my guy Kells was doing. This was a remarkable performance and with the other half of this duet gone, I do not think the show will have the ratings it did for this episode. Jesse Campbell was the pure winner,but OMG this was the best I've ever seen on a Contest show.


Both men were great but it was easy to see that Jesse was the more polished of the two.
I think that the song should be released, donating the money to the homeless.


Love anthony.. hate to see you go.


They were both very good. That was a tough decision for Christina to make but Jessie and Anthony have superb vocals and they will both do well in the very near future.


I did wonder why Christina paired these two against each other. They are both great. But, we wanted a good show and they gave it. I am sorry one of them had to go. That being said, Jessie has my vote. He sang so effordly and you could see it. JESSIE!!!


Sabotaging your own team...Hmmm? Either Christina took a stupid pill or she had it out for Anthony.


Christina did not have a hard time cutting Anthony...It was obvious that her difficulty in deciding was a mere psuedo performance...She paired them on purpose to cut Anthony...why else would she sobotage her team?


Bad,bad Christina...Maybe it was because she wanted Anthony off the show...maybe it was personal...