The Voice Battle Round: Adley Stump vs. RaeLynn

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RaeLynn, the mononymed aspirant on The Voice's Team Blake Shelton, got to kick off last night's Battle Round episode by being mentored by her idol, Miranda Lambert.

Also Blake's wife, FYI. Not a bad sign for the youngster.

RaeLynn got off to a rough start against Adley Stump, however, on "Free Fallin'" and was seemingly manhandled at the onset, before recovering a little bit later.

Was it enough to save her in this matchup? Take a look:

Blake opted to keep RaeLynn in a bit of a tough call, She has a nice way about her, but vocally, she fell short a bit on this one. Maybe he sees greater potential?

Who do you think Blake should've kept in this battle?

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Blake I love you and I respect you, but you were dead wrong in this battle round. I think you were biased because Raelyn reminds you of your wife. Adley was way better, and it is very sad to see her go. I hope you don't continue to make bad decisions in your choosing.


Raelynn has an awesome voice! It is unique and so heart warming. Adley did a good job too but her voice is not unique at all. Everyone should also remember that your talking about real people here and you shouldn't put any of these singers down just because you don't like their style.


Raelyn could't sing in the blind auditions and she still could't sing in the battle round. She goes off key frequently it was painful to hear. I was appalled that he picked her over Adley. Adley can actually sing. I may have to push mute while she is warbling in the next round.


Raelynn's voice is unique in that she can't sing. I was shocked Blake turned around in the blind audtions, and then when he picked her over Adley I was stunned. She needs a little while longer in the oven, she's still wet behind the ears. It was painful to listen to her sing! Sure I give the girl props for getting up there and singing, but just because you think you sound good in the shower doesn't mean you can sing. I am interested to see how much she improves.


They were both great singers! But in the end Blake picked Raelynn not because she is cute or young but because she was out of her comfort zone! Adley will make it and she will make it big!I believe he made the right choice! This is a contest and she was singing a song that didnt fit her voice but she gave it her best shot and that is what matters! All these singers have guts, just being up on stage would make anybody nervous! Hats off to all of them!!


there are so many people that sound like Adley (Cee-Lo's team has Adley voice clones) Raelynn has a unique voice and will be a country star eventually. Adley is a dime a dozen, she's good but it's battle rounds people have to go home. I will admit that if Blake wasn't already married to a hottie it would be a lil' creepy with his underage picks...just sayin




So sad, I think the wrong girl won. Raelynn was not up to par, she came out and couldn't even sing... I felt so bad for Adley she should have won....


I definitely thought Adley should have won this battle!!! Raelynn was way off key for the majority of the song!!


It was painful to listen to Raelynn, I felt sorry for her. Blake obviously doesn't want to win!