The Situation: I Have a Prescription Drug Problem

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The Situation is coming clean about getting clean.

The Jersey Shore star, real name Mike Sorrentino, previously called reports that he was in rehab "ridiculous embellishments" reported by the media.

Well, it turns out they weren't all that ridiculous.

Sitch explained in a Facebook post Wednesday that he [wants] "to set the record straight" about having "voluntarily taken steps to get control" of his life.

Sitch (Jersey Shore)

Mike writes on his official Facebook Wall: "I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion."

"I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating ... I appreciate my fans' support and I love you guys."

TMZ, which broke the story of The Situation in rehab, says he went through detox at a facility even before he checked into Utah's Cirque Lodge.

Sitch didn't mention it on Facebook, but the celebrity gossip site claims Mike is "very open" with patients at Cirque about his drinking problem as well.

How this impacts the forthcoming Season 6 of Jersey Shore remains to be seen. A sober Mike and Snooki in Seaside? Can you even fathom that?

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Also, Mike claims he's not a liar. He ended the season with a huge lie about Deena's sister and when confronted, he lied, lied lied. Deena seems to be the only one to question Mike about his lies. All of you need to grow some and tell him he's a LOSER!!!!!


I knew there was something about this idiot. Especially after seeing his partner in crime, "The Unit", almost falling down in the street on one episode. Then when Jenni asked, "Is it supposed to smell like a skunk up here?" Hello they were smoking weed!!! And I gotta say this after watching these two idiots spraying colonge down thier pants. IF IT SMELLS LIKE COLOGNE, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!


No....Really??? Him? On drugs???


good ness people, first of all he is doing the right thing and wants to keep his life in order, give credit where credit is due
and you know, he is not such a bad guy, hes all right. he human and working and doing whats right. good luck to him


No surprise here....what is it? Sex addiction? He isn't that big of a deal, and I wish he could understand that....If I were younger I wouldn't look at him once.


ok SOME guys can pull off the half smile smirk... but Mike, you are NOT one of them... haha douche.


How can you be addicted to penicilin? The douch is just trying to stay in the news. Its a hollywood trend to admit your self into rehab. Just put a helmet on the jack wad and make sure he can never breed again....poor snookis baby is gonna come out with a 6 pack and a v.d.


Hey at least he is getting help


I didn't know you could get cocaine with a prescription!


Whats wrong with you people??? That it's a serious deal! Why hate on someone trying to do the right thing?? Ahh who an I kidding everybody needs at least one of you!!