The Situation: I Have a Prescription Drug Problem

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The Situation is coming clean about getting clean.

The Jersey Shore star, real name Mike Sorrentino, previously called reports that he was in rehab "ridiculous embellishments" reported by the media.

Well, it turns out they weren't all that ridiculous.

Sitch explained in a Facebook post Wednesday that he [wants] "to set the record straight" about having "voluntarily taken steps to get control" of his life.

Sitch (Jersey Shore)

Mike writes on his official Facebook Wall: "I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion."

"I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating ... I appreciate my fans' support and I love you guys."

TMZ, which broke the story of The Situation in rehab, says he went through detox at a facility even before he checked into Utah's Cirque Lodge.

Sitch didn't mention it on Facebook, but the celebrity gossip site claims Mike is "very open" with patients at Cirque about his drinking problem as well.

How this impacts the forthcoming Season 6 of Jersey Shore remains to be seen. A sober Mike and Snooki in Seaside? Can you even fathom that?


d rod he said she was a squirter! lmao


About deenas sister..did he say she was a swallower?? That's what I thought..but it was bleeped out lol that's wifey material


Due to an exhaustion problem? Come on now dude lol it was so obvious during the camping trip when he was sweating Like a pig and pacing all over the place lol at least he has the loot to pay for top end treatment unlike the real people who can't afford it and are worse


Mike is a idiot i hate him and i hate the show!

Carol worth

I'm so glad he's aware of his problems and is seeking help. That's the first step to turning one's life around. God Bless, Mike, and more power to ya!! ~0;-D


It seems that people go on DWTS have a lot of problems but I do hope he gets his life straight because that is so important.


Like who could care less if you are dumb enough to get yourself addicted like the other idiots in Hollywood etc.

Jaan black

...drugs aren't the only issue, his fcuking face and hairline are a huuuuge problem as well...never seen mid twenties look so 45-ish


Such a puke...


This guy is the biggest jerk I've ever seen. I think if he's on next season I wont be watching. He lies, he's lazy, everyone in the house seems to dislike him. I really dont think Snooki did what he was saying. Come on girls, how many of you drop to you're knees after seeing what he said she saw. NOT ME, I'll tell ya that much. As soon as that lie was over he started one about Deena's sister. I was shocked that he told Jenni about seeing Roger on the boardwalk on an episode. You think he would know better than to piss Roger off but, it would have been great if Roger punched him out. Every Thursday as I turn the channel to MTV I just say, ok fools, amuse me.

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