The Situation: In Rehab?

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Is The Situation from Jersey Shore in rehab?

Conflicting stories began swirling around the web last night and this morning, with TMZ stating that the muscle-bound reality star had indeed sought treatment.

However, his rep tells E! this is not the case.

TMZ, citing sources close to the MTV star, says his hard-partying ways grew worse this season, culminating in the episode in which the gang went camping.

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GTR: Is Mike's new routine gym, tan, rehab?

According to the unnamed sources, Sitch recently checked into rehab for substance abuse after realizing his recreational habits had spun out of control.

Sources close to Sitch claim that the Jersey Shore mainstay had been showing signs of substance abuse for a while but "was getting a lot worse" of late.

People noticed he was "acting paranoid" on the set, looking jittery, sweating profusely and acting bizarre ... even for a guy who always is a little bizarre.

his rep denies claims that Situation (real name Mike Sorrentino) entered rehab for substance abuse, telling E! News the following last night:

"He has spent the past few weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule."

All that clubbing can be brutal. Situation personally Tweeted "Getting in amazing shape for season 6," and "Don't believe everything you read or hear."

Whether it will involve a sober Situation or not, Jersey Shore Season 6 was recently confirmed by MTV ... and will definitely feature a pregnant Snooki.


Beth I hope you find a job to help you pay your bills and mortgage. Jaybird I agree with you a hundred percent everything you said about situation. He braGs to much and is a backstabber. I liked angelina better then the situation because she wanted to be friends with everyone. I do wish all this cocaine and heroin would disappear for good.


The Jersey Shore cast plus American Reunion? Now THAT’S a Situation!


It is sad..


. well first of all congrat to mike for going to rehab. second of all I myself am a recovering addict. and no for me it's becoming an attic was not a choice. I had gotten surgery and was prescribed pain killers after being on them for about 3 months I realized that my body had become physically addicted to them. . doctors are making people into attic now in days. so for you that have never gone through having this disease you should
your thoughts and opinions on the matter does not matter


If he is going to rehab, then i wish him good luck, as he is doing the right thing....It's never an easy situation going thru rehab with an has happened in my i wish him well, and i hope when season 6 starts up, he will slow down on the drinking and partying, as they all should....i know this is what the show is made up of, but their is a limit.......


To Beth: Using is a choice, but not until we are given the tools to fight the disease do we know we have a choice! You go to the dr to learn what meds to take for cancer/diabetes. Same is true with the disease of addiciton. Our drs are treatment programs. Our medications are meetings, steps, 12 steps! You want to talk about your sorrows and what idiots addicts are?.. what if I told you to get off your lazy behind and get a job so you could have the surgery you needed and be able to keep a roof over your head. You would take extreme offense because I have NO idea what you are going through, what your situation is, or why you are in the economic, financial, and emotional state you are. Just like if you have never had a problem with chemical dependency, you have no idea and no right to assume anything. Everyone should consider walking a mile in someone's shoes before they are so quick to criticize!


The so-called "Situation" is such an unfunny and no-talent DOUCHEBAG!!! I remember when he appeared on that Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump...UNFUNNY AS HELL!!! People in the audience kept booing him throughout his whole set. Most of all, it's the sound of his voice and whenever he opens his dumbass mouth to even speak that's REALLY ANNOYING!!! The "Situation" needs to go away...FOREVER!!!!!


Obviously none you posters have had anyone close to you suffer from any form of addiction. Whether or not it is a disease, I won't argue. It ceases to become a choice once the drug takes hold of you and you cease to control it and it begins to control you. Your choice is taken away, regardless of whether it was your choice in the beginning. We all have problems, and those with addiction problems have simply compounded their own. I bet there are addicts who don't feel sorry for you either, but it doesn't hurt you and your lack of compassion is certainly not hurting them. Only showing your own ignorance.


I agree! Being an addict is not a disease! They chose to do drugs or alcohol etc. I dont feel sorry for them one bit! No talent trash dragging out their 15 minutes for way too long. Get a real job! Hope things get better for you Beth


who cares where this dirtbag,douchey, jackass is. What an idiot. wish he and his friends would just fall off the planet. they are a huge black eye for Jersey.

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