The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Big Hair and Bunco

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Last week, Slade bombed at comedy hour and Vicki’s daughter dropped a bomb: she may have cancer. This week? Bunco night. These women are getting wild and crazy, right?

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    Gretchen has a bump on her nose? Um, where is it? Must be microscopic lol....there are people who would kill to have her nose.


    Do the producers of the show have the women act incredibly stupid. I mean look at Vicki; she needs a face lift and an attitude adjustment. She is actually scary looking. Why does she want to make those awful faces with her buldging eyes and miss piggy nose?


    this programme is so fake just like these saddo women all like barbie bimbos obsessed with looking goog and getting the best lifestyles im sure they see there husbands as cash cards thats why they remain with them they dont live in the real life like normal women plastic hearts and souls to go with their fakeness and so bitchy about each other id hate to be in there world and most of them are getting old and trying so hard to turn back the years pretending to be something that they are not 20,somethings


    Vicki gets exactly what she deserves she screwed over dawn broke his heart after he tried and she treated him like cap. the least she could do is pay him spousal support. overShe thinks she's better than everybody else. Slade was only stating what was in the media ....isn't that once what she said too about Slade. Funny when she was getting mad she really looked like miss piggy her nose was flairing too. She cared so much about Slade not paying child support...when she ended up getting with someone that also had their own child support issues. Karma is a b***h


    Is Heather and Kat von D the same person? They look identical and have some of the same expressions, especially that look that says, "I didn't just hear what I thought I heard, did I?" Suddenly, I'm hearing motorcycles...


    REAL men don't put women down. REAL women don't use their womanhood as a license to say and do anything to hurt men. Therefore, Vicki deserved what she got, i.e., a friendly reminder to shut her face and realize that people don't always say what they're thinking, which she has apparently forgotten since junior high.


    vicky is so immature. she's upset because it has come out about her
    boy?friend. too loud,to many opions about others. always, this has
    never changed. gretchen, i love; if she doesn't drop that miserable
    excuse for a man, she can't move on and find a true man. time waits
    for noone gretchen. be smart. like the new girl, heather, such a
    refreshing change.


    I have to side with Gretchen this time. Vicki needs to move on instead of sulking and needing to create drama. If she watches this show, she should see that Gretchen was upset with Slade. He needs to be kicked to the curb but I don't think that will happen any time soon. He's very immature and Gretchen likes being his boss. BTW, I loved Heather's 80s look--Addicted to Love is my all-time favorite video.


    Why would Gretchen & Slade get married now? They've shacked up for a long time and marrying will only make Gretchen financially responsible for any debts that Slade incurs, so why do it? Oh, yeah, that's right, now I remember. Gretchen told us on her blog that she goes to CHURCH! (That was right after the nude photo shoot.. Haha). But isn't she one of the women who put down Alexis for being a prude? Gretchen needs a reality check. You can't have one foot in the world, and one foot with God. It doesn't work, although millions of people try it every day of their lives. And poor Slade is so desperate he can't concentrate on just finding a decent position doing SOMETHING of value - instead of just schlepping around Gretchen's pink laptop. Just sayin'


    Talking about each other behind the backs, is so jr high!!! Vicki is too uptight, doesn't like the fact that Tamra wants to be friends with Gretchen. I think Vicki is the most immature out of the group, shes jealous and assumes the worst of Gretchen on every occasion. Slade is not funny. Comedy is not about saying the meanest things about peoples looks. I wish Gretchen could move on from him.

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