The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Fresh Princes

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta gave us a homecoming, a coronation, and an almost engagement but it still wasn't enough to put South Africa behind them.

Don't miss the details as we dish it all in THG's +/- recap!

Daddy's home! Or at least that's what Kim and the girls call out as Kroy finally comes back from training camp and Plus 15 because damn, it is sweet.

They really have missed him.

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Of course don't we all feel sorry for Kim. She had to survive a month on her own. Well, her and her nanny, her cleaning staff, her stylist, the interior designer, her assistant, and, the newest of all, her personal chef. Minus 8.

No wonder she has the time to whine.

Wait, did I say assistant? Not any more. Sweetie is gone! Plus 10 because I never thought Kim would actually step up and fire her. Sweetie's a fool.

Where else will she find a job where she spends half of her time lounging by the pool? But she got lazy and once she started cursing at the kids it was time to go.

We barely saw Kandi or NeNe this hour. They spent a little time with their kids but it's barely worth mentioning. And we saw nothing of Marlo so Plus 12 for that alone.

Sheree and soon to be son-in-law Damon head out to shop for rings. Or maybe not. Well, they do shop for rings but Damon won't give his price range.

I'm sure it's embarrassing when he's going to school, working part time and Sheree's showing him $40,000 rings but he's got to man up sometime and say what he can afford. Minus 8.

I think Sheree scared the hell out of him. First he says he'll need to get hammered to get through the engagement and then he decides there isn't going to be one. 

At least not yet. He's not ready. Sheree agrees he shouldn't pop the question until he's sure. They're both right about that so Plus 10.

The bigger question is how will Tierra react? They've been dating for eight years and the girl's expecting a ring any day. Damon might find himself with no one to propose to once this blows over.

Speaking of weddings, Phaedra throws a blessing ceremony for baby Ayden that looks more like a wedding. She calls it a coronation. She's not kidding. 

In true Phaedra fashion it's a huge affair.  Wouldn't God look down on a mediocre blessing ceremony? Minus 11. The procession with the flower girls, bell ringers, children wranglers, and attendants to carry Ayden on their shoulders makes over the top an understatement.

But Plus 7 to Apollo for remembering to strap Ayden into that contraption. Good Dad.

On to the reception where there are life-size portraits of Ayden on a throne and Phaedra in a strapless red leopard print dress. She obviously wasn't going for subtle.

The odd part is that most of the ladies don't attend Only Peter, Cynthia, Kim, Kroy, and KJ. Awkward! With South Africa still looming between Cynthia and Kim, Cynthia can't seem to stop talking. Minus 10. She knows why Kim is uncomfortable to be at the same table. Why can't she leave it alone.

Even Kroy's quiet. What should he say to the man who made a scene at his kid's baby shower? Ugh. Neither couple can get out of there fast enough.

But out in the parking lot Kim's decides she's had enough and as much as Cynthia tries to wiggle out of the conversation Kim won't let her do it. Plus 8. It's about time they hashed this out and at least it's not in the middle of the party.

Cynthia doesn't even remember what the heck she said but we've seen that scene so many times we'll never forget it. Minus 8 because I can't wait to bury this storyline.

Cynthia tries to turn the tables by accusing Kim of talking about her but since she doesn't relay any specifics it doesn't hold much weight. Eventually she apologizes and the two go their separate ways. Plus 5. I'm just glad it's over.

So will this finally be the end of the South African disaster? Every time I think it's gone it rears its ugly head once again. We'll have to check in next week and hope it's buried for good.



I think Ne Ne is really. a man in drag Who really believes that Kim is in her thirtys...... Kim , you loook like you are in late forties, early fifties, I actually love your character, but I am embarrased for you when you insist you are still thirtyish.. cmon. be real. You ladies put ot all out there , and you want your"Fans" to give comments, well here they are. I find it so hard to believe Phaedra is a lawyer, he is so low class. Anyone who tries that hard to "have class", sorry Doesnt have it. Dont even gor me started on Kandi and Sherri,,, please.......


Good Grief!!! First of all is NeNe really a woman? Someone needs to show her how to dress for a woman??? her size. Phaedra needs a is beautiful but Phaedra is not all that.
She can me a lawyer, mortician and everything else? She must be superwoman....some people just never have enough $$$$. Kim??? It seems like those wigs are more trouble than they are look like a teenager constantly playing with and pushing your hair out of the way. You almost look ridiculous with them. Sheree is a trouble maker, that is for sure...and if she wants her precious daughter to have a 70,000 dollar engagement ring she should help buy it. Stupid!!!


Kim Needs to get over it.... Hell Cynthia is right she would not be in Africa holding an African American baby !!!! Why is she so adimant toprove she would??? Oh I know it's the guilt!! I think all (3) ladies need to get together and put Stank Shree on the line for starting allthis and let her know as good as frien as she claims to be.. Why did she laugh when the conversation was being talked and not stand up fo rher "Friend" Kim?? Why did she not say at that momen..."Well I think she would Cynthia" because she thought the same thing, but was not woman enough to say so, but Oh.. she thought it was funny. I am glad that Damon did not fall for that ole trick of Shree's talking about what her daughter deserves.. How do she know what she deserve..She do not live with those (2).

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