The HUNKer Games: Team Gale vs. Team Peeta!

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I think I was [Team] Gale until he started getting a little too trigger-happy. Or maybe first Peeta and then Gale or Gale, then Peeta? I went back and forth. I flip-flopped.

So says Jennifer Lawrence in the latest issue of Seventeen, underscoring just how difficult it is for fans of The Hunger Games to decide between Gale and Peeta, the two young men right smack in the middle of Katniss Everdeen's dangerous life.

Totally Together

But decide Katniss and company must, as Liam Hemsworth takes on the key role of Gale in the upcoming big screen adaption and Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta.

Rewatch The Hunger Games trailer now to familiarize yourself with these two and then choose a side:

And the Winner is?

Katniss has to make up her mind in The Hunger Games and now so do you: Are you a member of Team Gale or Team Peeta? View Poll ยป

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Team Gale anly because my girlfriend is! I read all of the books and personally Finnick sounds hott!!!!!! Kidding but since Jessi likes him then so do I


Team PEETA. He is cute, hot, nice, and caring. He has always loved Katniss anyway, and Katniss is falling for Peeta anyway.


Something personal. Maybe a panert or sibling or friend has something that they always wear or are never seen without, so they give it to you. So when you're in the arena you won't forget them or your district. Thats for all tributes in general. If I ever went into the arena I would want to take something personal. Like Peeta took that locket in the 75th Games, I think most tributes would take something that meant alot to them. Most tokens would probably be gifts of some sort. I don't have any specific ideas on what tributes might take in, but I'm thinking something small that holds alot of memories, like a necklace or bracelet for a girl and something else for a boy :S


TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!!! peeta totally stole katniss away from gale and gale is way hotter. peeta is just a baker that lifts up heavy bags of flower while gale is hot, talented, and an awesome match with katniss! like seriously! people who are on Team Peeta.... i feel sorry for u guys


Katniss is emotionally stressed. Her feelings for Peeta are real. Even though I'm Team Gale, Katniss should end up with Peeta. Gale is more of her big brother so it would be weird if they got toghether. Peeta makes Katniss feel comfortable. Whereas Gale makes her jumpy.


You guys really like gale cuz he's hot?? SHALLOW!! (he isn't btw) and PEETA is just like the sweetest thing EVER and he helped her have hope wih the whole burnt bread thingy and dandelion in spring. And gale is te one who made he bomb that killed her sister. That's a little on the unforgiveable side, don't ya think?? And Katniss and Peeta have such chemistry!! So in case you didn't notice TEAM PEETA(as my frand would say PEETA BREAD or the boy with the bread!!)


dear mrs. katnip, gale gave katniss that nickname so u sonded like a complete "looser" saying he is a looser. TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Peeta just invades her life, Haymitch kinda forces their relationship by like bribing Katniss which Peeta has no idea about. So Katniss should end up with Gale because their is undeniable chemstry.


team peeta a 100 percent.Gale is hot and everything but PEETA is such a hunk and people who do not like him r just jealous


I think Katniss should end up with Gale because like I said before Gale and Katniss had time for their relationship to build. The only reason she got close to Peeta was because they were in the games together. That would be one to tell your children "Oh, I met your daddy when we were supposed to be killing each other." Really I LOVE GALE HAWTHORNE & FINNICK O'DAIR

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