The HUNKer Games: Team Gale vs. Team Peeta!

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I think I was [Team] Gale until he started getting a little too trigger-happy. Or maybe first Peeta and then Gale or Gale, then Peeta? I went back and forth. I flip-flopped.

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    Team Peeta. He would do anything for Katniss and will always put her first. When Gale had the opportunity to run away with Katniss, he choose not when he found our about the districts beginning to rebel.


    Team Peeta all the way!!
    Peeta genuinly loved Katniss (much more than Gale did) and katniss and gale are much better off as good friends. katniss and peeta share chemistry that she and gale could never have. peeta has always loved katniss, and even when he was hijacked in mockingjay, he recovered because their love is so strong.

    peeta mellark


    Ehx id everyone 4 peeta? Ok, i'm also 4 peeta xD


    Team gale because peeta strangles katniss and puts her in hospital no one has mentioned that katniss and gale would be perfect toghter but I'm happy that gale will find someone who will realise that he would do anything to care for them peeta is just to sad and soppy and that gale looked after her family while she was in the games and I think katniss could win the games all on her own her and gale would just be magnificent toghter so I think Suzanne. Made a mistake because last time I checked some one who strangles you and calls you a mutt is not a perfect man Love you gale so hot and sweet xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Gale was there for Katniss in Mockinjay peeta should have the night lock Team Gale for life Also Gale was true to Katniss and peeta wormed his way in to Katniss life


    peeta is smoking hot so F*** you haters


    TEAM PEETA!!! hE IS SOOO CUTE! Gale is hotter thought...but still team peeta. Katniss should be with him cuz he truly loves her and has been by her side throughout everything. He saves her life and has been kind to her even when she hurt him. he totally deserves her love more than gale!!!
    I LOVE PEETA!!!!!


    Team Gale! Many say that Gale killed Prim, but he only designed the bomb to use it against the Capitol,he never thought use it against Prim, is the president Coin who use the bomb against Prim .


    Team peeta I love u gale sucks peeta is hot and buff I love peeta!!!!!!! Xxxoooo


    I am team Peeta ! Do you know what Gale did? He was so jealous of peeta he let Prim die. Plus it doesn't matter what the book says,it only matters what you think of a person. Your opinion. So think about it. Do you really like a jealous murderer? I know I don't.

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