The Hunger Games Sneak: A Crush on Katniss

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With the cast of The Hunger Games gathering in Los Angeles tonight for that blockbuster's world premiere - return go THG tomorrow for all the scoop and all the fashion! - Lionsgate has released another sneak peek at the upcoming big screen adaption.

It features Peeta talking to Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) and responding to a question about his love life? Does he have a special someone? Yes, sort of. Will he be able to date her if he wins The Hunger Games? No.

Find out why in this clip from the film and lay your eyes on when Katniss first meets Cinna...


Spot-on trailer and reeviw. I didn't know Jennifer Lawrence enough to really judge her, but so far she seems to be working out. I like how she's a bit plain looking, but once she's in make-up and a dress for the she becomes pretty. It fits. And they did end it perfectly too...I think watching the end of the trailer, when the games began, made my heart stop. Very excellent trailer, especially compared to the pointless teaser.


peeta is so hot