The Bachelor Finale Promo: Good vs. Courtney!

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ABC certainly didn't have trouble coming up with a narrative this season.
Courtney Robertson Bachelor Finale Dress

With the season finale of The Bachelor on tap tomorrow night, all of America is on pins and needles awaiting the conclusion of an epic morality play.

The Bachelor spoilers have been right all season. Will they be on point Monday as the Black Widow does battle with all that is right with the world?

Maybe that's a bit over the top ... but this promo blatantly uses "Good vs. Courtney" as a tagline for the conclusion of this controversial season:

As for what's allegedly happened since The Bachelor season finale, the rumor mill has been working overtime. Reports of trouble in paradise abound.

We won't say whether Lindzi Cox (good, according to 80+ percent of viewers, and ABC's promo) or Courtney Robertson (evil) got the final rose.

Most people have a pretty good idea where Ben's head is at, though, so follow the jump for the latest report on his current relationship status ...

Seriously, quit reading now if you want to remain in the dark:

Okay. Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, who allegedly get engaged on the finale, revealed they briefly split in February ... but are back together.

When they taped The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special (airing after the finale) in Los Angeles on March 4, Ben said he dumped her "abruptly."

That allegedly took place on February 7, according to Us Weekly, but the pair reconciled later that month "just as" he was allegedly caught cheating.

The Us report was unclear whether Ben and Court reconciled "just as" the photos were taken, or when they were subsequently reported February 29.

However, during the special, Flajnik swore on his deceased father's grave that the three women he was seen canoodling with were his "old friends."

Even though Us says they met this month.

"I had days where I stayed in bed and cried," Robertson reportedly said, explaining that Flajnik didn't even return her calls during the break-up period.

"I was thinking he could at least send carnations [for Valentine's Day]."

Ben Flajnik Us Cover
Courtney Robertson: Shameless Seduction!
Ben Flajnik TRICKED!
Courtney the Man-Eater

It's been a rough couple of weeks for these two.

While the couple eventually reunited, Robertson reportedly told Chris Harrison she doesn't believe she will be able to "completely" trust Flajnik again.

During the After the Final Rose filming, Flajnik also reportedly admitted Robertson's wedding dress shopping was a stunt to divert attention from him.

"Once she saw the [Us] photos, she wanted to... shift the focus," Flajnik told Harrison. "What better way than to go shopping for wedding dresses?"

According to Us, the After the final Rose special concludes with Flajnik giving Robertson a new engagement ring. What was wrong with the Neil Lane?

Nothing. But The Bachelor producers made her return the free ring that Flajnik proposed with during the finale after learning of the couple's split.

"I'm going to be there for you forever," said Flajnik, who reportedly claimed to have purchased the new ring himself ... you may vomit on cue.

Again, we won't know if any of this is actually true until tomorrow night, when it all unfolds on ABC. But it seems like a believable sequence of events.


Loser ones Loser twice..How Stupid can Ben be? I give these two 4 maybe 6 months. This will never last. Courtney you are such a bitch. This Bachelor season was a total disapointment and not to mention a Big waste of my time.


I may be inserting more cerebral than necessary...but has anyone thought about these two developing their careers (his the winery and hers be the modeling) through this made for TV love story?
The need to "stretch it out"...stay in the tabloid headlines... by
breaking up and so forth and blah blah blah.
Now who is the fool? I won't be watching.


i think this show stinks he is one big jerk and all he wanted was sex and that is what he got from her he left a good girl to go for her. i will not watch this show again , she is a slut that is coutney the slut. he got diched the last time now he should get all he gets.


I was so let down by Ben, Courtney is such a liar. I don't think I will ever watch this show again. How could you let son many beautiful girls go for such a dogg.


NIce information




8n Life of Pi, what is the symbolism of Orang Juice?


niceee to use the soundtrack from Once Upon a Time :D kinda funny


All of those great girls and he picks Miss. Nasty face. What a waste of time for the women who were so sincere. It will not last but they are two of a kind.....


If that loser ben can find anything attractive about cdog then they truly deserve each other.

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