The Bachelor Finale Dresses: Lindzi Cox & Courtney Robertson Battle in Black

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On Monday's episode of The Bachelor, fans will watch Ben Flajnik propose to either Lindzi Cox or Courtney Robertson to conclude a most controversial season.

If you want to know who he supposedly gives his final rose to, read The Bachelor spoilers page at THG ... if you dare. Either way, it'll have people buzzing.

Interestingly, Courtney and Lindzi, whose personalities and styles are polar opposites, selected similar dresses for the final rose ceremony in Switzerland.

Which woman's black dress do you like best? Vote below:

Fashion Face-Off!

Lindzi and Courtney both dress in black on The Bachelor season finale. Which of the ladies' dresses do you think is best? Vote in our Fashion Face-Off! View Poll »

The 28-year-old Robertson, the black widow herself, wears a black Alberto Makali design with an embellished neckline and elbow-length leather gloves.

The 27-year-old Cox's finale dress is a black strapless Tadashi Shoji with a midnight blue tiered skirt. Which of them will be trying on wedding dresses.

On, right, we kind of saw that publicity stunt already.

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Courtney's dress and look reminded me of the evil queen from the Once Upon a Time show.


Ben seemed just as shady on the "After the Rose" show as Courtney did throughout the whole show. She stumbled over his words, making me feel like he was searching for the "right" thing to say, as if he was looking for what facial reactions from Chris Harrison to cure him on if he was saying the right things. I felt bad for Courtney (who initially I wanted to verbally assault her, as she once said about another girl). She seemed to relaly want to work things out. Before Ben was brought on the set with Courtney, he said they were not together- then when he was sitting next to her his tone changed and they were together. It seems as though he is dangling her out on a string while he figures out what he really wants. In my opinion he really wanted Kacie B. but her family scared him off- so he was stuck with the left over choices and Courtney is more "fun" than the other two that remained after the meeting of the families....


Loved Courtney's silver heels on "After the Final Rose". Does anyone know who he designer is?


I wish I could of kep count how many time courtney flipped her hair everytime she was with Ben and other times. I lost count last night and gave up counting....It was ridiculous !!!!!Lindzi was in it to fall in LOVE and she did, too bad Ben could not get past the skinny dipping he had with that BLACK WIDOW SPIDER. She is only in it to get her name out there. I thought Ben had better sense, but it seems he does not. Won't buy any of his wines !!!!


Lindzi looked pretty good in that dress, but Courtney looked ridiculous..... the black spider dress fits her perfectly....What the hell was up with the Capes????? ewww


Ben and courtney a great match. All the fury with the girls is all jelousy. They love each other and have great chemistry. Give them some space to love each other.


Courtney seems to genuinely love Ben, given that she is willing to continue their relationship after he chose to revoke his proposal instead of standing by her. People really need to stop judging and give these two the space they need to live a normal life and figure this all out for themselves. Love is a wonderful gift and we should be rooting for them. Who doesn't love a happy ending? Everyone deserves love, even tough girls who sometimes say mean things. Her toughness may be what saves this relationship and sees them to the alter!


Ben and Courtney a match made in heaven...He likes a woman of her age no excuse for her rudness to other women. She does not trust...both very immature...Lindzi u deserve way better...You seem to be very mature and have a great head on your shoulders.


Ben is getting what he deserves. They are both nuts to think that relationship would work. Courtney doesn't get along with anyone else and she's very pushy--skinny dipping on the first date and a fake wedding ceremony. Yuck.


He apparently picked COURTNEY, I saw on the front of one of those rags that Ben cheated on courtney. You have to be in a relationship to cheat on someone.