Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards to Be Phased Out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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Camille Grammer is officially out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Might she soon be joined by a pair of now-former co-stars?

Insiders tell Hollywood Life that Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards will be phased out of the upcoming season because Bravo wants to make room for a pair of new castmates: Yolanda Hadid and Marisa Zanuck.

Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards

“Taylor’s appearances on Housewives will be greatly reduced," a source says of Armstrong. "The producers don’t want to concentrate on Taylor anymore. They want a fresh start and new storylines.”

The same apparently applies to Kim, who recently completed a stint in rehab. According to this same mole, Richards' appearances on season tree "will be minimal."

What do you think of this news? Will you miss Taylor? Kim? Or are you looking forward to Armstrong having more opportunities to make money off her husband's death?

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will be Glad to see them both go, especially Taylor. She is disgusting and so fake. She needs rehab, and to take care of her daughter, and move back to Oklahoma!!!


I like Kyle and her family alot. Th ey are down to earth. I like Camille and Brandy too. I like Kim also I'm glad she went to rehab. Kim you have alot to offer the world hang in there. I'm still a big fan. I hope Beverly Hills Housewives come back that is the only one I like to watch. Kyle keep supporting your sister she will be alright!


Everyone on the RHOBH are important in their own way. Both Kim and Taylor being phased out would be a MAJOR disappointment I love ALL the ladies on the show, let them be who they are the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


to linda.......why cant they get a real job and stop throwing fifty thousand dollar partys


I am glad that Kim and Taylor are out of the show, will miss Camille, would like to see Brandi again. miriam from Bayamon PR


I'll probably watch if they do get rid of those two. Taylor was never confronted about being a fraud, and Kim's alcoholism shouldn't be exploited by Bravo anymore. How does she get money? Kyle's family support her, or a trust fund? She doesn't appear to work but she has several kids. Child support from how many fathers? What financial situation is Taylor in? I'd imagine that she'll desperately cling to any publicity. I wouldn't put it past her to date Kato.


Good riddance, they gave no significant story lines anyway. I hated seeing Kim especially with her bizarre behavior. I don't want to see Taylor's horse face anymore. Camille wasn't significant anyway. As far as making a living no one cares if I live or die, why should I.


Kim and Taylor are liabilities for Bravo. Too much controversy for Andy to sweep under the Bravo Clubhouse rug. The next cut should be Kyle. Bullying is not tolerable in elementary school anymore and Kyle is the biggest bully on Bravo. Kyle has no relevance without her sister's drama.


I'm glad Taylor is gone! Taylor's drama was ridiculous and the icing was her trying to promote her book about life w/ her dead husband when his body was still warm! She is a disgrace and NOT a role model for abused women! SHE is the one who put her daughter in jeopardy. I'm just sorry social services didnt remove her daughter while she "claimed" she was suffering abuse from her husband.


I feel sorry for both women. I don't miss a show. Maybe tney need the money to live on. How would you feel if you needed that money to live on? Just walk in their shoes for a day.