Super Tuesday Results: Mitt Romney Pulls Ahead, But Republican Race to Continue on

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared to pull off a narrow win in Ohio on Super Tuesday but lost several other states to challenger Rick Santorum.

The day of 10 primaries and caucuses produced no knockout punch, rather another split verdict that overshadowed Romney’s claim of collecting the most delegates.

Romney remains ahead in the delegate count, and thus the race for the nomination, but any hopes of asserting himself as the inevitable nominee fell short again.

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Far from bringing more clarity to the GOP presidential race as some in the party had hoped, Tuesday’s elections gave every candidate cause to keep driving forward.

Newt Gingrich won a definitive victory in Georgia. Santorum won in Tennessee, North Dakota and Oklahoma. Ron Paul even posted several second-place finishes.

Romney won Massachusetts, where he served as governor; Virginia, where neither Gingrich nor Santorum qualified for the ballot; and Vermont, Idaho and Alaska.

In Ohio, The Associated Press named Romney the winner early this morning, though some news outlets have not called it yet, and Santorum has not conceded.

Regardless of that outcome, Ohio's tight race and his defeats elsewhere show continuing vulnerabilities for Romney on both geographic and ideological grounds.

Even with most people operating under the assumption that he remains the most likely GOP nominee, he has nonetheless lost states across several regions.

Just the same, he's winning. With 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination, Romney has 332 delegates to Santorum’s 139, Gingrich's 73 and Paul's 35.

Super Tuesday results by state after the jump ...

Alaska Republican Caucuses Results

  1. Mitt Romney 4,225 (32.6%)
  2. Rick Santorum 3,762 (29.0%)
  3. Ron Paul 3,105 (24.0%)
  4. Newt Gingrich 1,834 (14.2%)  

Georgia Republican Primary Results

  1. Newt Gingrich 417,364 (47.4%)    
  2. Mitt Romney 225,926 (25.7%)       
  3. Rick Santorum 172,473 (19.6%)       
  4. Ron Paul 57,125 (6.5%) 

Idaho Republican Caucuses Results

  1. Mitt Romney 27,514 (61.6%)
  2. Rick Santorum 8,115 (18.2%)
  3. Ron Paul 8,086 (18.1%)
  4. Newt Gingrich 940 (2.1%) 

Massachusetts Republican Primary Results

  1. Mitt Romney 260,509 (72.1%)
  2. Rick Santorum 43,614 (12.1%)
  3. Ron Paul 34,575 (9.6%)
  4. Newt Gingrich 16,756 (4.6%) 

North Dakota Republican Caucuses Results

  1. Rick Santorum 4,510 (39.7%)
  2. Ron Paul 3,186 (28.1%)
  3. Mitt Romney 2,691 (23.7%)
  4. Newt Gingrich 962 (8.5%) 

Ohio Republican Primary Results

  1. Mitt Romney 453,927 (38.0%)
  2. Rick Santorum 441,908 (37.0%)
  3. Newt Gingrich 174,606 (14.6%)
  4. Ron Paul 110,633 (9.3%)

Oklahoma Republican Primary Results

  1. Rick Santorum 96,759 (33.8%)
  2. Mitt Romney 80,291 (28.0%)
  3. Newt Gingrich 78,686 (27.5%)
  4. Ron Paul 27,572 (9.6%)

Tennessee Republican Primary Results

  1. Rick Santorum 204,978 (37.3%)
  2. Mitt Romney 153,889 (28.0%)
  3. Newt Gingrich 132,142 (24.0%)
  4. Ron Paul 49,782 (9.0%)

Vermont Republican Primary Results

  1. Mitt Romney 22,533 (39.8%)
  2. Ron Paul 14,407 (25.4%)
  3. Rick Santorum 13,401 (23.7%)
  4. Newt Gingrich 4,608 (8.1%) 

Virginia Republican Primary Results

  1. Mitt Romney 158,050 (59.5%)
  2. Ron Paul 107,470 (40.5%)
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@Team Romney thank you for that correction, and our apologies for posting that in haste


TGH, you posted results for North Dakota twice, and yet you put different results. If you're going to make a hollywood gossip site more political, please check your postings for accuracy. Missy, I'm 100% with you. These other Republican candidates need to drop out so we can get Romney on track to beat one of the worst Presidents to date...


there is only one I am backing so people whom say their Rep. and vote for anyone other than Ron Paul are just as flip flop as the person that they are voting for. do you know who backs Mitt Romney the rich by their companies. So get ready to see America get worse than ever....and you can't fault any one BUT YOU...I will NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE....GOOGLE Ron Paul and get your information from more then just the OWNED BY THE RICH NEWS MEDIAS.....This is looking more like the Old Russia.....Get informed before you vote...
Ron Paul no other


Go Romney! I hope voters realize it's time to get behind the man and focus on defeating Obama! It's really time!


Please take a good look at Virginia's results. Due to a law in that state, the only two Republicans appearing on the ballot were Romney and Paul. You must have gotten 100,000 signatures in order to be put on the ballot. It is unconstitutional. Virginia also wanted their residence to sign a pledge stating that for whomever they voted for in the primary, they would vote for on election day. Thank God the courts got involved and stated that was unconstitutional. So as election day nears they are making it harder and harder for Virginia to turn back to the Republican state it needs to be.

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