Steve Hirsch on Octomom Nude Pics: Weak!

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Octomom's topless photo shoot in Closer Magazine, which hit the Internet yesterday, didn't exactly impress Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment fame.

From a business perspective at least.

Yes, the Octomom nude pics were eye-opening from a certain standpoint, but Hirsch can't believe how much she just lowered her XXX market value.

Octo Pic

Hirsch, if you recall, offered Octo (a.k.a. Nadya Suleman) $1 MILLION in 2009 to star in a movie with his company. She shot that offer down hard.

Ditto the $500,000 offer he made her in 2010 for ONE SCENE. The point of all this? Closer allegedly paid her a modest 10 grand for the nude pics.

Citing a "market correction," yet intrigued by Nadya's sudden willingness to get naked, Hirsch is making her another offer to join the Vivid ranks.

The deal: $100,000 to appear in THREE hardcore sex scenes. A million bucks was so '09. "Regrettably your market value has diminished," he says.

She might be desperate enough to strip down to pay rent, but nude stills are a far cry from getting probed on video. Don't hold your breath Steve.


Octomom sure has monay for plastic surgeries and filingsss and etc ....AND she is turning herself into something ugly , like so many stars are doing now . This is too bad , she used to be cute before all that BUT it seems she is turning herself into a freak like woman . She is going to scare her children before long , i wish she would stop now , then she will have more money for her children .

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