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@Tike Well, at least you're honest! I mean, the deep-seated gut feeling has always been that there's a real rage garnered by your lot! Now you know why most whites react to you in the manner they do. It also goes to show that the promise of having a black President that could heal and unify the nation was a complete "myth" and possibly merely an election ploy to get his foot in the West Wing. I suppose the whites will have to be the ones to step up to the plate and attempt to bring us into a genuine post-racial era. Entitlements and special favors for your kind is no longer an answer. When you wanna sit down at the table and really work through this mess...give us a call!

White, non-racist, but no fool!


Why I'm I so racist. I just want to see white people killed. I csn't stand white people. I don't care if its the wrong address, they are still white and should die.

Regards from a racist,
Tike Lee JR


Yes- The Day is coming-SOON!

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