Spike Lee Re-Tweets Incorrect George Zimmerman Address; Elderly Couple Forced to Flee Home

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After director Spike Lee erroneously re-Tweeted their address as belonging to Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman, a school-cafeteria lunch lady and her husband were essentially forced to flee their home amid unwanted attention.

Death threats, hate mail, swarming reporters and fearful inquiries from neighbors were all too much for the woman, 70, who has a heart condition, and her husband, 72, who temporarily moved to a hotel to avoid the spotlight and possible danger.

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According to reports, the confusion arose because the woman has a son, William George Zimmerman, who lived with her in 1995 and still lives in Central Florida.

He is no relation to George Zimmerman, 28, the un-charged shooter in the Trayvon Martin case, which is sparking national outrage and international interest.

Zimmerman traced the tweet - which did not initially come from Spike Lee, but gained massive interest after Lee re-Tweeted it - to a man in California.

Zimmerman said he has implored the man to stop and said he received this response, "Black power all day. No justice, no peace" and an obscenity.

Lee's tweet has been removed, but it continues to be re-tweeted.

Man. Spike hasn't flown off the handle and wished he could take it back this badly since his taunting of Reggie Miller sparked the Pacers guard's 25-point fourth quarter explosion in Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals.

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