Source: Kris Humphries Dragging Out Divorce, Hoping for Giant Payday

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Only Kris Humphries - and PETA - can paint Kim Kardashian in a positive light...

According to an E! News insider, a divorce settlement is yet to be signed between this briefly-married pair because the bruising NBA power forward is hoping to holdout for a payday beyond the offer on the table.

Kris Humphries on the Nets
K. Kardashian

"Kris is dragging it out," claims this Kardashian source. "Kim is ready to move on, but Kris is hoping that stretching it out will get him even more money."

As has been previously reported, this mole says Humphries wants to bank $7 million from the split… or $1 million less than his one-year contract with the New Jersey Nets. In exchange, reports have said he'll keep silent about supposedly damaging facts related to the failed union.

But "Kim never considered signing something like that," this insider says. "Kris can't take the time to consider [her] offer, but he finds time to do an interview with a tabloid magazine."

Ohhh, zing! It's important to keep this source in mind, too, of course. It's E! Online. Which pretty much views Kim Kardashian and her family as its personal ATM.

Seriously, Kris, Kim and those at E! who promote these people make the Nets look like winners.


This is clearly blackmail on his part. By him not signing he also gets more publicity and a chance to make more money on his part. I new he was using her. He is such a pig.


She will always be known as a tramp..........


anyone with half a brain can see thru this story. it was made by kims team. does she think we are that stupid? well i guess some are. kris hasnt put out any stories about this vile person. his lawyer said he wanted his day in court to prove she scamed him and the public. he has not defamed her or spoke ill of kim. they wish he would because then he would break prenup. they constantly bait him but he hasnt taked bait yet.


Cool down y'all, this is just another lie planted by the K Klan. They tried it with TMZ and Kris Humphries' attorneys 'shot' that one down. Kris H is going to prove Kim is a liar and a fake!


I hope he gets a good payout, not that she is worried looking to purchase the Beckhams UK house. Kelly from jakeldaily.


Set the truth free Kris! The Canadians don't Like Kim either. We just came back from a trip to LA and heard Kim bashing from everyone!


I think he should exploit her for the fake person she really is. Screw the money, he is dumb for trying to fight. If it was me nothing would be a bigger come back than to put her ass on blast!


But Kim also rushed into this marriage


Kris should be a man and just give kim her divorce, after all they were only married 72days. He is making himself look like he only married for her money. I always thought that there was something funny about him from first time that i saw him on the show. Be a man chris and move on, let kim have her freedom.

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