Snooki: Pregnant, Struggling to Eat and Stay Sober

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Jersey Shore train wreck Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shocked everyone, including herself, when she announced she was pregnant and engaged to Jionni LaValle.

So surprised that she may be putting her baby at risk?

”Snooki was not expecting to get pregnant at all, and before she found out she had been partying like crazy,” a friend reveals in a new Reality Weekly report.

Snooki Pregnancy Secrets

“She’s admitted that she was drinking a lot on New Year’s, but the truth is it’s way worse than she’s letting on," says the above magazine, which apparently exists.

"She was on a total binge, even for her ... it was one party after another.”

Jionni has always hated Snooki’s over-the-top antics, which is odd since he's been with SNOOKI for well over a year. Still, she’s "afraid to tell him her fears."

Moreover, with Jersey Shore Season 6 still a go this summer despite her baby news, she's worried about abstaining from alcohol for six whole months!

“She’s vowed not to drink, but Snooki is definitely tempted,” the source reveals. “Her friends are a little worried about her because it’s such a big change."

"It's not something she was really ready for. She’s having a hard time adjusting to being sober 24/7. She’s freaking out about that and the weight gain."

Jionni’s been trying to feed Snooki enough calories for a healthy baby, but she’s not eating. “Most of it hits the trash when he’s not looking,” the source says.

This girl might make The Situation's drug problem seem tame.


poor baby, what I want to know is whats gonna happen when she has the baby


she cant be as bad of a mom as those girl on 16 and pregnant.


Has nobody ever seen 'I didn't know i was pregnant'? They do some gnarly stuff then have a perfectly healthy baby. Everybody needs to calm down. Snooki's baby isn't at risk because she was getting drunk alot before she found out.


can u guys leave her alone including the papparazzi to them ikow its annoying to have u guys go around stlking them its not a FUN time so please just leave them alone and snokks i got ur bak gurl dnt wrry cuz i dnt care wat people think about wat i write or say so anyways i got ur bak homegurl i know u bearly know me but we can be friends i know ur such a cool gurl and wat do u want ur baby to be a gurl or boy and wat r u gonna name it =]


I don't think she is a bad mom sometimes that might not be the truth ,the people could be making this shit up too think about that ....u don't know her so u shouldn't judge ...just saying


Honestly I think it's just selfish of her to not be able to give up alcohol for 6 months. Yet alone not eat right or a full meal due to her fearing weight gain. Hello! You can always do the same thing you did before. LOSE IT! I'd much rather gain all the weight needed in order for my child to come out healthy than to be insecure and suffer the consequences of my child coming out unhealthy and with problems. I understand she went thro her 1st months drinking it happens. No one is perfect && some women don't find out they're pregnant til weeks even months later. The point being is she stopped and she should keep it going for her Childs sake. It's not going to kill her to stop her alcoholic ways for a few months! She needs to stop thinking about herself and focus more on her child.


Snooki prego, she can't even take care of herself. Poor baby that's all I got to say. And the fact that she is afraid she can't stay away from alcohol is a like throwing up a red flag. You think maybe she has a problem? Every one is so happy about this, I don't understand it. Then why don't they give Charlie Sheen full custody of his kids and declare him a role model. Just saying.


Just celeb's being the usual dumbass... Snooki is a drunk, a druggie, and an whore, so I don't give two shits about her or her crack baby. Honestly who even gives a fuck weather she's preggers or not should just suffer the same fate. Put bluntly, Snooki is a dumbass and so is anyone who cares about this dumbass. ktnxbai.


I feel so bad cus she has never had a drink for more than 1 day tops but if she wants this baby shes gonna have to sacrifce herself


She didn't no she was having a baby now she do so leave her alone people are crazy they just want everyone to look Down on her

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