Snooki: Pregnant, Struggling to Eat and Stay Sober

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Jersey Shore train wreck Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shocked everyone, including herself, when she announced she was pregnant and engaged to Jionni LaValle.

So surprised that she may be putting her baby at risk?

”Snooki was not expecting to get pregnant at all, and before she found out she had been partying like crazy,” a friend reveals in a new Reality Weekly report.

Snooki Pregnancy Secrets

“She’s admitted that she was drinking a lot on New Year’s, but the truth is it’s way worse than she’s letting on," says the above magazine, which apparently exists.

"She was on a total binge, even for her ... it was one party after another.”

Jionni has always hated Snooki’s over-the-top antics, which is odd since he's been with SNOOKI for well over a year. Still, she’s "afraid to tell him her fears."

Moreover, with Jersey Shore Season 6 still a go this summer despite her baby news, she's worried about abstaining from alcohol for six whole months!

“She’s vowed not to drink, but Snooki is definitely tempted,” the source reveals. “Her friends are a little worried about her because it’s such a big change."

"It's not something she was really ready for. She’s having a hard time adjusting to being sober 24/7. She’s freaking out about that and the weight gain."

Jionni’s been trying to feed Snooki enough calories for a healthy baby, but she’s not eating. “Most of it hits the trash when he’s not looking,” the source says.

This girl might make The Situation's drug problem seem tame.




i think she would be a good mom ... as long as she doesnt drink any more and starts to eat more healthy for the baby and stop worrying about weight gain when thatz normal for pregnacy ... (maybe snooki QUITING JERSEY SHORE WOULD BE GOOD UNTIL SHES DONE HAVING THE BABY AND STUFF )


i agree. this bitch will do better then the ones on 16 and pregnant. at least she graduated.


He wanted her too leave the shore now he get to have her to his self


Ok i dont fully agree with what some people are saying. Anyways snooki still has a little while before she has that baby and as for the drinking as long as she dont do it now her baby should be fine but she needs to eat that baby needs it and i did notice that people were talkin about 16 and pregnant im a teen mom and i was married before i found i was pregnant and althougt getting preynant young isnt that best thing but not girls are bad mother from the moment i found out i was pregnant i grew up and my child became my life i do believe that every women can be mother they just have to focus on givin their child all they can its hard no matter how old you if 16 or 40 stayin up all night to breastfeed chaning diapers makin sure they are ok doctors appoinments etc scared that some thing could happen or go wrong she can do it if she tries i dont agree but that dont mean her baby wont be ok as long as she focus on keepin herself healthy thats all she can do


Cont- my son is now 22 years old. So as far as Snooki goes and drinking on NYE, I believe that she and her baby will be just fine. And as far as her eating goes, she has to go to the doctor which they will be weighing her and checking her blood and urine. If the doctor does not think that Snooki is gaining enough weight then the doctor will take care of that by sending her to a specislist. So either way that baby is going to get taken care off. Tabloids always make it out to be more than what it is. I am sure Snooki is not going to harm her baby on purpose. People need to grow up and get a life and stop believing everything they read. Have a good night.


Wow, some of these comments are redic! People that can leave such nasty rude comments such as some of these just goes to show you how ignorant people really are.
When I was 18 I got pregnant by my boyfriend of 8 years and at that time I partied pretty hard every weekend. Sometimes even hard drugs such had lsd. When I found out I was pregnant of course I never touch any booze or drugs but the problem was when I found out I was PG I was already 19 weeks ( about 5 months ) along. I was so scared because of the crap I did and I loved my baby. Well my son turned out to be a perfectly healthy 6lbs 15oz 19in long beautiful baby boy. Smart has can be, graduated from high school, wrestled,played baseball and varsity football. He now is getting ready to start is own family and marry a wonderful woman as he


okaay, seriously, people need to keep their mouth shut ! none of u know Snooki and u dont know if she will change for her baby. I bet she could be a better mom that anyone if she tried. And about her weightloss, the only reason she doesnt want to gain weight is cause then the dumb tabloids will make up rumors and ruin her life. Nicole and Jionni are going to be perfectly happy with their baby, so all da haterz, STFU ! !
p.s. i kno i dont know snooki either but that doesnt mean that im goin to assume the worst kk, kk
p.p.s. snooki i


its true. i mean she is probably better off then any 16 year old.


Shut the fuck up

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