Snooki: Pregnant, Struggling to Eat and Stay Sober

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Jersey Shore train wreck Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shocked everyone, including herself, when she announced she was pregnant and engaged to Jionni LaValle.

So surprised that she may be putting her baby at risk?

”Snooki was not expecting to get pregnant at all, and before she found out she had been partying like crazy,” a friend reveals in a new Reality Weekly report.

Snooki Pregnancy Secrets

“She’s admitted that she was drinking a lot on New Year’s, but the truth is it’s way worse than she’s letting on," says the above magazine, which apparently exists.

"She was on a total binge, even for her ... it was one party after another.”

Jionni has always hated Snooki’s over-the-top antics, which is odd since he's been with SNOOKI for well over a year. Still, she’s "afraid to tell him her fears."

Moreover, with Jersey Shore Season 6 still a go this summer despite her baby news, she's worried about abstaining from alcohol for six whole months!

“She’s vowed not to drink, but Snooki is definitely tempted,” the source reveals. “Her friends are a little worried about her because it’s such a big change."

"It's not something she was really ready for. She’s having a hard time adjusting to being sober 24/7. She’s freaking out about that and the weight gain."

Jionni’s been trying to feed Snooki enough calories for a healthy baby, but she’s not eating. “Most of it hits the trash when he’s not looking,” the source says.

This girl might make The Situation's drug problem seem tame.


You know, I think she might just be a good mother. It doesn't matter how she decides to live her life. How does it affect you? How would you like it if someone said they hoped your baby turns out retarded? I think it doesn't really matter how or when or what happened when and before she got pregnant. You guys are just giving her publicity, even if you don't want her to have it. Hate or praise, publicity is still the same. The press doesn't care.


Wtf I hope she doesn't get married


you do realize she is not A TEEN!!! she is almost 24 and is having a baby with her soon to be husband.....


I honestly don't understand why it matters whether she graduated or not. Her personal life doesn't really concern any of you. And stop insulting the teen moms. Alright? They've made their own decisions. As did Nicole. Everyone always has to have an opinion, and people like some of you can't shut your mouths long enough to listen to what she and other people have to say about situations and support them. It's a shame how some of you think.


ok for those teen moms that complain how hard it is to give up all the bad things for you OWN child should be compleatly ashamed ! im a teen mom and for my baby i instantly dropped everything with no problems for the sake of my baby ! suck it up ! if you are grown enough to have sex ! be grown enough for your child ! if not close your damn legs ! snooki can do it, if she really cares for her baby nothing should be more important than her childs needs ! i hope you see this snooki, your babys health is a lot more important than your "weight problems" theres nothing more beautiful than a pregnant women.


I never really liked Snooki or even Jersey Shore, but as a teen mom, people need to stop giving her shit. Its hard adjusting to the new pregnant life and I'm certain its a huge change for her. and as for the drinking, it shouldnt hurt the baby unless she keeps doing it. But she found out soon enough and caught it in time so the baby should be fine. and as for Snooki being a mom, all parents have a hard time with the new lifestyle but I'm sure she'll be a good mom. As for this Jionni guy... he sounds like a real tool


the news headlines need to leave her alone you cant blame someone or state there going to be a bad mum for drinking while she is pregnant , at the time she didnt know she was so she is not in the wrong us readers dont want to hear made up lies about snooki, she is getting her life on track i know id be pretty pissed off if everything me and my daughter was put in the papers so yeah best wishez to snooki


Who fucking cares if she graduated or not. She's still a nasty whore. Hope the baby doesn't come out retarded!!!


I think shell do just fine im a teen mom and ues it was hard not to party and stuff but when i had my baby in my arms every feeling of partying went away so i think she will be a great mom


people have nothing better to do then make up stories and talk shit about others. Its a sad thing. Snooki will be fine. mine your buisness

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