Snooki Pregnant, Insiders Confirm; World Shrugs

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Looks like it's official: Snooki is pregnant. God help us.

We have Jionni LaValle to blame for getting Snooki pregnant. Having dated for about a year at this point, the tanned couple is expecting its first child together.

"She's about 3-4 months along now," a source tells E!'s Mark Malkin, as reliable a person as there is in the celeb gossip field. So why hasn't she confirmed it?

  1. She doesn't want to jinx it
  2. She wants to get PAID
F-ing Snooki

The 24-year-old Jersey Shore cast memnber (real name Nicole Polizzi) is hoping to turn the pregnancy into money-making deals, according to the New York Post.

She's also deeply superstitious about adhering to the rule of reaching the 12-week mark before breaking the news. Now that it's passed, expect it imminently.

Earlier this month, Snooki shot down Star magazine claims that she was expecting. But she lied, according to E! and the Post, and is totally with child. Eeeek.

Snooki has always said she dreamed of being a mom one day. "I want two, a boy and a girl," she said in 2010. "I'm going to name them Isabella and Frankie."

No word yet on whether it will be Isabella or Frankie arriving this year, but the world's collective I.Q. may well drop a couple of points. Girl is not bright. Or sober.


you people need to leave her alone. congrats to her. & you haven't heard it from her, herself! what, friends who are getting paid for information are all of a sudden the right ones? IF she is pregnant, good for her! no reason to bad mouth someone. she is just as willing to be a great mom as the rest of the world


Why isn't anyone aware that if she's 3 or 4 months pregnant that means she was prego while taping the shore which....means she was consuming loads of alcohol. Fucking ticks me off! She gets a UTI right...then takes antibiotics rights...we know that those can cause the pill to fail..not to mention she gets black out drunk so who knows if she can remember to take it...I'm jus saying she shoulda gone above and beyond to prevent this. I grantee this kid is gonna have some problems mentally, physically and socially .


congrats to snooki!!! Her life will change dramatically now!!! so will she be cut off tha show???


k so guess what? WHO CARES?? Millions are having, carrying and conceiving babies right now why is "Snooki" sooooooooooo important??? SHE'S JUST ANOTHER LOWLIFE THAT IS FAMOUS FOR . . . .WHAT AGAIN??


oh lawd a mini mini snooki.....ahhhhhhhhhh help!


Proof positive that the mentally handicapped CAN breed!! I hope and pray she becomes a better mom then she is an `actress`. At age 3 lil meatball will be taller then big meatball


This is totally beautiful i hope the best. Being a mother is the greatest gift ever and this would be a great show and id sure watch it. jersey shore and babies.....!!!!! i say yes.


I really hope her baby isn't born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Hopefully she will grow up!

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