Snooki Pregnant, Insiders Confirm; World Shrugs

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Looks like it's official: Snooki is pregnant. God help us.

We have Jionni LaValle to blame for getting Snooki pregnant. Having dated for about a year at this point, the tanned couple is expecting its first child together.

"She's about 3-4 months along now," a source tells E!'s Mark Malkin, as reliable a person as there is in the celeb gossip field. So why hasn't she confirmed it?

  1. She doesn't want to jinx it
  2. She wants to get PAID
F-ing Snooki

The 24-year-old Jersey Shore cast memnber (real name Nicole Polizzi) is hoping to turn the pregnancy into money-making deals, according to the New York Post.

She's also deeply superstitious about adhering to the rule of reaching the 12-week mark before breaking the news. Now that it's passed, expect it imminently.

Earlier this month, Snooki shot down Star magazine claims that she was expecting. But she lied, according to E! and the Post, and is totally with child. Eeeek.

Snooki has always said she dreamed of being a mom one day. "I want two, a boy and a girl," she said in 2010. "I'm going to name them Isabella and Frankie."

No word yet on whether it will be Isabella or Frankie arriving this year, but the world's collective I.Q. may well drop a couple of points. Girl is not bright. Or sober.


is everyone sure that its just not her FUPA.


Before calling "girl" not bright... spell check, Hollywood Gossip. It's M-E-M-B-E-R... not memnber. Congrats to Snooki.


Lol at people defending this train wreck. All the "y'all R haterz U just jealuz!" comments are very entertaining.


It's pretty dumb how ppl on here talking crap about snooki& saying "who cares!? " if YOU DIDN'T CARE WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING ON THIS!? ugggh idiots


J...maybe you are for your appalling grammar?


J...maybe you are for your appaling grammar?


what a wreck!


So many haters. Congrats on her pregnancy. Wish her a beautiful healthy baby. N we don't know when she found out she was preg so if she was.drinking she might of not known. I found out I was 6weeks preg n I was drinking socially till I found out. N I doubt she's dumb, guarantee she is make more bank than all of us n she's not working probably a 9-5 either so who's the dumb ones now..


Who damn well cares if some "source" has "confirmed" her pregnancy ... Was this source Snooki ? No ? Well then leave her alone ! If she IS pregnant , she's probably worrying about her career and how it will be affected ... Don't automatically assume that she wants to score huge cash from this just because she hasn't come right out and say it , maybe she's preparing what she's going to say to her bosses , to her family , to JWOWW ... Everyone in her life will be affected by this . Leave her alone and find some ACTUAL Breaking News to plaster the net with . Geez .


Hahaha wow, This is for ERIN.. You're an idiot. The shore is always taped almost a year prior to airing on tv. Which means, she was not pregnant while consuming alcohol. Get your facts straight sister. And just another thing to add, go worry about teens getting pregnant rather than a woman in her 20's if you really wanna worry about something.

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