Snooki Pregnancy Out of the Bag: Baby Stores in Jersey City on Alert!

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Snooki's new Jersey Shore spinoff is all about the baby she has yet to acknowledge is now growing in her womb. The evidence is slowly but surely starting to pile up.

Proof that Jionni LaValle is responsible for getting Snooki pregnant? A Jersey City baby store has already been contacted by producers about shooting on location.

The owner of Bambi Baby says someone from 495 Productions, the company behind Jersey Shore, reached out to the baby store within the last few weeks.

Snooki's Tattoo

This was right around the time Snooki was adamantly denying she was pregnant ... a lie that was fairly convincing, but has since unraveled rapidly in the last few days.

The peeps at 495 asked Bambi for permission to shoot some scenes inside the store, and after some hesitation, the owner agreed, unlike one local wine store.

It's unclear when shooting is scheduled to begin, and Snooki has yet to state publicly that she is knocked up, but expect an announcement any day now.

Whenever she gets the best deal with Us Weekly, in other words.


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man this is b.s. I kno i kno im being selfish but she can no longer be on the shore now. Its nt cute being a drunk mom! And she was so funny but i dnt kno how mtv can spin a baby into the craziness that is the jersey shore.


iwish the best for her and her baby ..... and i guess her boyfriend!


i so wanted her to be with vinny. I can imagine her baby in animal print & a spray tan.

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