Snooki: Leaving Jersey Shore Due to Pregnancy?

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Will the pregnant Snooki be back on Jersey Shore next season? Should she be?

The network has said that no final decision has been made yet about a sixth season, but odds are it will be back, with or without its most famous guidette.

The program has been cable's most-watched series at times (scary but true) and while Schnookers is one of the main reasons, she's not the only draw.

Now that Snooki's pregnant and engaged, it's hard to see her back ... or is it?

JWoww and Snook

How would a girl who's supposedly serious about being a good wife and mother carry on in that madhouse? Would Jionni LaValle ever go for that?

But does she really have the good sense to walk away from fame after her 15 minutes (and spinoff, being filmed in the photo above) are finally up?

Or will she angle for yet another show? Right now it remains to be seen ... but we pray for the little Jionni/Vinny Jr. she's carrying inside of her.

Speaking of which ... vote in our survey:

Will Snooki be a good mother?


It'd be nice to bring her on once in a while, not lose her completely. It would also be interesting to watch the dynamics should they bring on a new person into the house--that person would have to work pretty hard to become part of the 'family'.


hey snooki im very happy for u and jionni yall r so cute together and hope yalls pregnacey and engagement goes all according to plan jionni is very lucky to b with u and hope its very exciting


Snooki does not make this show, it'd actually be better without seeing her constantly sleeping with different men and throwing beer after beer down.


Lisa I don't think they should get rid of jersey shore. Its ratings have not went down . Its a really good show & I think snooki would make a great momma.


They just need to do a reunion special and be done with it. Doing Jersey Shore without Snooki is like Laverne with no Shirley.


I think they just need to end JS. The ratings for the show have been dropping since the start of this season. Let them all move on and do their own projects.


I dont think that she will have her own reality show


I think that she would make a good mother ,because when someone act like her.,they always make their child to be nicer them ,and also make their kids to be very diferent.last and not least she will be very hard to her child.ect


Well just like now in days we all know she's going to have her own reality show like Kendra and her husband.


I think she should go to Housewives of Jersey Shore, they'll take care of her.

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