Snooki: Yep, I'm Pregnant and Engaged!

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This just in: Snooki's pregnant! And engaged!

We've actually known about this for weeks, but Snook wanted to wait until she passed the 12-week mark (she's 15 weeks along) and score the obligatory tabloid cover deal before "revealing" to the riveted public that she is in fact pregnant.

Speaking of which, here's this week's Us!

Snooki's Pregnant!

The Jersey Shore star and fiance LaValle, both 24, know just what detractors are thinking, but that just makes them even more committed to do this right.

"I have such different priorities now," reformed party girl Snooki says. "I don't care what anybody else thinks. As long as I know I'm ready and he's ready."

Adds a dutiful Jionni LaValle: "We are not going to screw this up."

The once pouf-haired star and LaValle discovered the news "right after New Year's," Snooki said. Her first thought? "'S--t, I've been drinking!'"

Raise your hand if you're absolutely floored by that revelation.

"I was worried. It was New Year's Eve and we were in Vegas, so I did go crazy," she admits. Fortunately, all is well ... save for the apocalypse in 5-6 months.

What should Snooki name her baby?


March 7th, 2012 11:16 PM Why is it the people who are Snooki fans are the ones who cannot spell? Any idiot can spell, takes someone with one iota of sense to make a comment worth reading!!!!


:O weridddddd.


Aww snookis pg!!! I wish her and jionni nuthn but the best!! All y'all haterz talkn all this nonsense bout them can eat shit!! Everyone knows once babys cum life changes n so will they!! N it will be a much better life!! Stop yalls hatin ppl and get a life n stop talkn shit bout theirs!! Luv ya snooks!!!


Awww Congrates Snooki!!!


First off kim ur prob a fat piece of shit doing nothing with their life but talking crap about people u know nothing about lol and for anyone else who has issues with her cause ur mad u don't make the money she does to act crazy can stuff it. She will be a perfectly good mother and I find it disgusting that people would wish anything like that on a u wouldn't say that if it was ur children. People like that make me realize why they allow abortion. Yay to abortion. Ignorant pieces of crap!


she looks beautiful, even if it is air brushed.


Why is it the people who are Snooki fans are the ones who cannot spell?


OMG ..... I love her wish her the best ...and that's what happened to me with my second do great and I'm very happy for both of them :)


Snooki Pregnant and Engaged official statment, baby bump photos here


I wish her an jionni nothing but the best..... Kids change people and I really think she will be a great mom!!!!! Don't hate on people bringing the best gift into the world...... Children... Good luck snookie :)

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