Snooki: Yep, I'm Pregnant and Engaged!

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This just in: Snooki's pregnant! And engaged!

We've actually known about this for weeks, but Snook wanted to wait until she passed the 12-week mark (she's 15 weeks along) and score the obligatory tabloid cover deal before "revealing" to the riveted public that she is in fact pregnant.

Speaking of which, here's this week's Us!

Snooki's Pregnant!

The Jersey Shore star and fiance LaValle, both 24, know just what detractors are thinking, but that just makes them even more committed to do this right.

"I have such different priorities now," reformed party girl Snooki says. "I don't care what anybody else thinks. As long as I know I'm ready and he's ready."

Adds a dutiful Jionni LaValle: "We are not going to screw this up."

The once pouf-haired star and LaValle discovered the news "right after New Year's," Snooki said. Her first thought? "'S--t, I've been drinking!'"

Raise your hand if you're absolutely floored by that revelation.

"I was worried. It was New Year's Eve and we were in Vegas, so I did go crazy," she admits. Fortunately, all is well ... save for the apocalypse in 5-6 months.

What should Snooki name her baby?


Snooki is a smut for 1 2 jersey shore gives jersey a bad rep we do not screw every1 we cme in contact w. 3 jionni should have a DNA test cause she was screwing mike and vinny. This girl should not get a tv show to promote how 2 b a whore diseased alcoholic slob. I feel sorry 4 that kid and ny that they have her as a resident. Every time I see her I want to throw up. She's gna b such a good role model hopefully her kid won't b such a disgrace as her mother, cause of so I'm sure MTV would turn that in2 a reality show to. Eww u disgusting nasty hoe. Apparently the only thing ur good 4 is bein on ur knees!


Let's all cross our fingers on this one.


I'm so happy for the both of them ! Their an amazing couple when their together. She's going to be an amazing mommy :)) I love Snooki


It sucks that jersey shore is basically going to end now but I'm happy for snooks, she's finally going to get her happily ever after :-) love you girl


omg snooki is a slut. who is the real father....a basketball. someone doesn't care about condoms. i hope her and her fiancee and baby live happily ever after and never heard from again. snooki fucking retarded and a slut. @ amelia im not jelious of snooki if thats why u think prople dis her. im 15 and i think she is a slut so what u gonna say 2 that bitch. so ttyl and snooki a slut. i feel sorry for her baby. and abortion is murder u motherfucker


Major errors nooning equal jionni and bunny.equal bunny on the post below


Most women mature when they have kids and nooning seems like a nice guy but he kind of unintelligent I honestly think bunny will make a.better father.he is smart and can handle snooki better


Nicole is ditzy, crazy and wild. But every girl is but "Snooki" is just upfront about it. Once a female discovers she is pregnant, her mother instincts will kick in... so all of you who are just being retarded about the situation needs to shut the hell up. Its her life and yall can do what you want with yours...


Can't believe it


March 7th, 2012 6:26 PM Snooks baby will have fetal alcohol syndrome.. Watch that beeeyatch stays drunk.....sad.... Sounds to me that you may have some sorta brain disorder!

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