Sherri Shepherd on Dancing With the Stars: Sorry About The View Comments ...

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Sherri Shepherd has commented on plenty of people and topics over the years on The View, something she jokingly implied could hurt her on Dancing With the Stars.

At least in Week 1, it will do no such thing.

Partnering with Val Chmerkovskiy (brother of Maksim Chmerkovskiy) can't hurt. Nor can saying how happy she is to be there ... or squeezing her partner's ass. Nice.

Sherri and Val's foxtrot wasn't half bad, either. She has this "fun, fun, fun" (according to Len) infectious energy that's hard not to love. Watch her debut below ...


That was brutal. She looks like Barney ate a linebacker....


Everytime we see our family just howls. She looks like HUMPTY-DUMPTY.She is fat with no neck and small skinney legs and over inflated BOOS. She is too in love with her self-maybe because no one else is.


I think that Maks and Melissa did GREAT! Yes, she was a little hesitant here and there, but it was difficult choreography and Maks wouldn't have given it to her if he didn't think she could do it. It's only the first week and already I'm unhappy with the judges' scoring.
Some of the scores were inflated a lot, I wondered at times if I was watching the same show. I agree though that Jaleel and Kym's dance was the best But, 9's, where do they go from there?

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