Shannon Magrane: The Next Lauryn Hill?!?

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Shannon Magrane is a tall, All-American girl.

That was how she was portrayed on last night's American Idol audition show, as Ryan Seacrest once again interviewed her World Series-hurling father and once again brought up a certain awkward incident from a few weeks ago.

But can she sing? We think so. While the judges questioned Magrane's song choice a bit, Randy Jackson delivered very high praise in saying Shannon possesses a "Lauryn Hill vibrato." That reference may be lost on younger viewers, but trust us. It's a big compliment.

What did you think of Magrane's performance?


Shannon is more than good. SHE is the future American Idol.All the others are cute and sing nice, but Shannon has power behind her talent. Look how far Carrie Underwood went...Shannon can and will go on from winning American Idol. She doesn't need to sound like Reba, or Sara. She has a true individual gift. Boy, American Idol needs her.


I'm sure this girl is good but she ain't no Lauryn Hill.




She is one of my favorites, and Jessica and the cute little country girl that sounds like Reba. gosh the girls are good but yes Shannon is cute and sweet and has a wonderful singing voice


Wow...goose bumps...I have heard Shannon in Tampa in a group called Entertainment Review. She is fantastic. Hope she wins American Idol!

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