Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber: Happy Birthday, BFF!!!

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Justin Bieber turned 18 today, and he just received the best birthday gift of all.

No, not this new car, although that was pretty cool of manager Scooter Braun to present. We're referring to best wishes from the most important young woman in his life, girlfriend Selena Gomez.

“Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole world!!! Have a great birthday baby!” Selena Tweeted this afternoon, attaching the following photo of the couple with her message:

Selena and Justin Twit Pic

Things are clearly going VERY well for Justin and Selena, but not that well. The former cleared up any engagement talk this morning with Ryan Seacrest. Bieber told the radio host:

"First and foremost, I’m not engaged. You know, we’re still young, at this moment in time, this is where I am, so that’s all I can really say."

Fair enough. This is all we can say in response to the photo above: AWWWWW!

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Awww so sweet....and always will be.:)


Best friend? A lot of things Selena is saying latley is as if they broke up. But no, Selena the attention whore is still using Justin >.>


B.F.F???? That's mean she shouldn't say that... that's gotta hurt...


que lindo es verlos juntos hacen una hermosa paraja chicos "los amo con todo mi corazon los amo"


Oh and that last comment does not apply to people being inspired. Just the ones who dream of Justin being their husband one day.


They're a nice couple and all but I can't get over the fact that justins a year younger.. :/ Aw well. Justins newest song with far east movement is totally grand! Oh an to everyone saying they're gonna marry him someday: GET A LIFE STALKERS!


ok so look yall arte cute im not a fan of selena but yall are still cute but i got to go the bells about to ring


Ok so justin bioeber i like LOVE you so much your so cute


As i said i want to record n maybe my dream will com tru of singing with u two n becomin' a star ma b~day is 2morrow i'm turning 17 wel bye.


Justin u rock aaaaah i luv u so much happy b_day. u n selena are ment 4 each other u are my inspiration now i have 35songs i want to record.

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