Rush on Rush: Limbaugh Ordered to Ceast and Desist Use of Band's Music

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Sandra Fluke Slutgate continues to torment Rush Limbaugh.

The talk show host - who apologized this week for referring to a Georgetown student as a prostitute because she wants contraception to be covered by health care providers - has received a cease-and-desist letter from the band Rush because they just discovered Limbaugh has been using their songs during his program.

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"The public performance of Rush’s music is not licensed for political purposes and any such use is in breach of public performance licenses and constitutes copyright infringement," the group wrote, specifically bringing up the playing of "The Spirit of Radio" during Limbaugh's bashing of Fluke.

"Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately stop all use of Rush’s music and confirm that you will do so," the band concluded.

Earlier in the week, Peter Gabriel made a similar demand regarding his licensed music after the conservative blowhard played "Sledgehammer" in the background of a rant.

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But Ed Scultz, Randi Ehodes and Bill Maher are applauded for referring to Sarah and Bristol Palin as "C---ts?" Liberals are such hypocrites!


He certainly has the correct first name. His words rush out of his mouth all the time. But he just may pay the price this time


ha this guy jus thought he cud say wateva he wants and get away wit it. Im glad ppl are standing up to this uneducated land dump. Its nt even about party lines hes jus a bad hateful person. He may actually get mre ppl to agree wit him if he jus dropped the act and was real instead of trying to be some political shock jock.


Might as well start singing the blues!!
It is Not a good thing when bands and songwriters, don't want their music associated with a high profile show.
Things don't seem to be so picture perfect for this little guy who has been stepping on other people toes for years. It seems that his mouth has gotten his a@ss in trouble for real this time. Of course he's "rushing" to disclaim that he is losing advertisers left and right. He was on a segment of MSNBC a little while ago, saying that he is picking up more advertisers. I guess by Now he is learning that old adage that a cow Needs his tail more than once to fan the flies off his a@ss. When or rather IF the dust settles anytime soon, maybe before he is so quick to "rush to judgement" about women's issues, he'd better "THINK"!!


38 advertisers out of 18000? Not an issue. By the way, Rush ( Limbaugh) NEVER plays music in the background during his rants, only as lead ins to the show after a commercial break. This article is a crock.


now that's the funniess headline i've ever seen! i mean funniest...


Ceast and desist??? NOW who's the MORON??


I thought it was Cease and desist???


He went WAY too far this time. What an egotistical idiot to think he'd have no consequences for saying what he did. Rush also does not represent the average, reasonable conservative person. I lean conservative and often cringe when he opens his mouth.

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