Rosie O'Donnell Show Cancelled By OWN, Described as "F--king Hellhole" By Staff

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Now that it's been cancelled, staffers from Rosie O'Donnell's ill-fated OWN talk show are coming forward with some great quotes about why it was canned.

“It was such a f**king hellhole,” one former staffer told The Daily Beast.

The reason for that? O'Donnell's frequent, temperamental clashes with The Rosie Show staff. During a taping last fall, "O’Donnell uncontrollably yelled at a publicist backstage because she didn’t like the parameters agreed upon for an interview."

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Several staffers were also very upset "when O’Donnell clashed with Oprah Winfrey’s longtime director Joe Terry. People thought she humiliated him when she scolded him in front of a live audience for using the wrong camera shots."

Rosie "suggested he didn’t know what he was doing. She fired Winfrey’s stage manager because she felt he was ignoring her and not doing his job properly."

She was also unhappy with her band leader, Katreese Barnes, a two-time Emmy winner from SNL, as he couldn’t play obscure Broadway songs off the cuff.

And, in what is seen as a final insult to the staff, on Friday, when Rosie's cancellation was publicly announced with a glowing statement by Oprah Winfrey herself, Rosie was not in Chicago to personally break the news to her crew.

Instead, she was Tweeting about what a great time she was having in NYC.



Not surprised to hear about Rosie being cancelled. The show was boring from the start and the subsequent changes made everything worse. Horrible choice of uninteresting guests, and the constant gay, gay, gay references were sickening (I'm not homophoebic - I endorse gay marriage). No wonder no one watched. Rosie definitely lived up to her 20 year reputation as a tyrant. Even Oprah's loyal staff could not deal with her temper tantrums and bossiness. Her eogtistic attitude and expectation that she should be given royal celebrity treatment by restaurants, theaters, ballparks, etc. was truly disgusting. I truly hope her fiance learns soon what she's getting into heads for the hills.


I absolutely love Rosie. She is so funny and brilliant, excellent comic and real. I knew she would get her grroove when One on one came around. NOT being on a major network with lots of marketing is a deficit to a show. I commend her as a huge succesd because she keeps on trying. I know she will be just fine. Love ya!


Personally, I think R.O.D. is nothing but a loud-mouth Jack-ass who can't get along with hardly anyone! There are more opinions out there than just HERS ! She's nothing more than a big bully and just because she's "famous", DOESN'T make it alright!


The show was SOOOOOO boring. How many times does Rosie have to tell us she's going to be 50. And how often does she have to talk about Gay all the time. I'm gay but don't need to hear about it all the time...


I don't know what to say for her. Maybe something to her to make her so aggressive.


Love Rosie, she is the best!


Rosie is a bully. The only interviews that go well for her are the ones where there are similar view points. Otherwise the interviewee doesn't matter. I'm glad she was cancelled. Now where will she go?? Couldn't make it on the major networks, now cable. Maybe she should copy Oprah and try to buy her own network. See how many people she can bully into watching her. Yuck!!


The woman is insane, yet many celebrities and channels give her chance after chance after chance. Why? Praying for her children. Lord only knows how screwed up they might be growing up with her as a mother.




i like rosie's interviews. she is able to relate to the interviewee. she is witty. it was a welcome break from the other crap on from 7-8 pm. bring her back someone, please.

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