Romney Etch-a-Sketch Comment By Adviser Sparks Outcry, Laughs, Head-Scratching

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Note to Mitt Romney advisers: When your candidate already has a reputation as a middle-of-the-road, flip-flopping technocrat with zero core beliefs, likening him to an Etch-A-Sketch is probably ill-advised, no matter the context.

Eric Fehrnstrom learned this the hard way Wednesday.

CNN asked whether his candidate, who's gone out of his way to appeal to conservatives this winter, would later tack more to the political center against President Obama.

"I think you hit a reset button for a fall campaign," Fehrnstrom said. "Everything changes. It's like an Etch A Sketch. You can shake it up and we start all over again."

Willard Mitt Romney

In his slight defense, Fehrnstrom was likely referring to media coverage, campaign themes and issues in the landscape of Romney and Obama going head to head.

Still, the Etch-A-Sketch has now become a new nickname for the Republican presidential candidate himself, who's long been accused of being its political equivalent.

Many analysts shook their heads, but others weren't so amused.

The remark drew a stinging response from the head of the nation's largest reproductive rights group, who said women voters will not accept flip-flops on issues.

"We will make damn sure women know where Mitt Romney stands" on matters related to women's health, said Nancy Keenan, head of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

She addressed more than 1,000 women at the group's annual Power of Choice lunch at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, shortly after Fehrnstrom's gaffe.

Etch-A-Sketch references aside, Romney cruised to victory in Illinois Tuesday and made his most compelling case yet that he will be the Republican nominee.

All but assured of vanquishing (or just plain outlasting through attrition) Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, he will likely wrap this thing up. Eventually.

President Obama's team is likely working up an Etch-A-Sketch-themed campaign ad to run against him, but Romney is on track to get that one-on-one battle.


Ugh. Honestly, I'm beginning to think that Huckabee is a DNC plant, or maybe just a flack secern for McCain. It could be that he's now getting more attention and as a result his views are in turn getting greater scrutiny, but the weirdness factor here just keeps going up. It almost does seem like he's been put in place to serve as something easy for the DNC candidate to shoot down in the general election.It turns out that Japan has slightly higher corporate taxes than us, at least according to the information I have available right now (and this is amongst the OECD member countries, too). I think the Europeans and Canadians might envy our personal income tax rates, but as far as corporations are concerned, they give up a larger percentage of their income to the U.S. government than elsewhere. That alone is a major drag on growth in our economy. I'm hoping that Romney can level the playing field between our economy and that of our foreign competitors some.


Why dance around,Oboma is out to put us under,his backers and the money that has put him where he is. Just look at every thing he has put to us,Deeper and deeper,he is brings us down.


I agree- There is nothing wrong with Ron Paul that we could not live with! Thing is - He can't win! His supporters are as Loyal as any yet they only carry one vote and there just isn't enough of them. The environment? Look- No one but Europe is playing this game. Countries are Drilling near us anyway. China & South American don't give a damn about the environment. Obama will screw this country Completly up in 4 more. We will be at a standstill in every way economically. You will have to stay home and protect your homes. Obama will " Fear" you into voting for him with his TV ADS - you can bet on it! This Cancer has to go- Anybody but Him. How can anybody talk about Mitt- if they voted for this Joke Obama!


@ Rex BTW...what's Obama done for the environment..I mean, aside from throwing away approx. $100 billion on failed green energy companies and shaping a failed energy policy that has us pumpin' gas at twice the price since he took office!?! Green energy is important to develop, but Obama has failed in getting it going with success! Face it! We still have to rely on fossil fuel for the time being. We need to let the private sector develop green energy & our govt. needs to stop trying to unsuccessfully pick winners in the industry. Along with that, Obama must be stopped from doling out our tax dollars to his political cronies in the green industry only to watch their companies crash' burn and with that more people forced onto the unemployment rolls!


@Rex Yeah, Ron Paul has real a chance at winning! YOU wake up! If you don't like what you see in the WH you better face'll need to put your support into someone other than in the incumbent AND Ron Paul! Or sit it out come November this year! Don't get me wrong...Paul's got good ideas, he just can't win. Sad, but true and there's no need tryin' to think it can magically turn around for him because it simply won't.


@John King---you're talking about verbal gaffes? What about our present Vice-President Biden...what an a**hole! I'm surprised they didn't lock him in a West Wing closet till the '12 Dem. Nat'l Convention! Just think..if Obama didn't have a teleprompter imagine how stumbly-wumbly he'd be---WHY DO YOU THINK HIS CAMPAIGN STAFF INSISTED ON HAULING THAT T-PROMPTER AROUND ALL OF '08?!? I call it playing it SAFE!!!!


@Jerry I don't perceive Mitt as a war monger. On the other hand? If Obama lags behind in the polls in the fall? Look for him to START a war just to help his re-election. After all, folks generally don't like to change horses during war. Besides this past Sat. Obama signed a martial law executive order, some say in preparation of a possible war with Iran. So, I think it might be The Anointed One who might be sending your son off to war! (And remember-HE only has daughters so it wouldn't effect him personally to begin a conflict overseas) Oh, and just remember..Obama has been the flip-flopper on policy only his staff tells us it's not, no--the President is merely "EVOLVING"...yeah, right! I sooooo buy that...hook...line...and sinker. Ha! Sorry, but some of us weren't cut out to be "lemmings"!


@Jerry "If the future of our nation is left up to the American People....we don`t have a chance in hell of being a Free Country." Jesus! That sounds like a page out of the Communist Manifesto! So, the People don't know what's good for them, eh? I bet you relish a Nanny State, don't you! You been practicin' your "goose step" lately, Comrade?! When you lose faith in the American people to know what is right and true, then you've lost faith in democracy. The question is..what are you putting your faith in?? Ron Paul is a voice for freedom, but he can't win and he knows it. Obama is shredding your freedoms day by day...week by week. Face reality. We need to make sure he can't take more of our freedoms away in the next 4 yrs. If you value your freedom, you'll realize all this. No 'Bama in 2012!


How many times has this guy been Booed by the crowd?? I remember him calling a Corporation a Person and the crowd nearly wanted to beat the hell out of him for being such a Fed Puppet. This guy puts his foot in his mouth every time he opens it without a TelePrompter. How exactly is this horses arse the front runner???


Great idea! Let's keep pouring co2 into the air with the fossil fuels. The only way to reset the planet, it to FUBAR it, and wipe out everyone on the planet, so it can start all over again. Mitt is a joke! Open your eyes to Ron Paul, and stop looking at this battle as though he doesn't exist. He is the one that can save this horrible nation, and help the rest of the world too. Just do yourself a favor, and google Ron Paul. Unless you want to walk around like a horse with blinders on for the rest of your life.

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