Rihanna Tweets Topless Pic, Father Defends Chris Brown

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Reportedly embroiled in an online feud with Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's new girlfriend, Rihanna is making more headlines today for her use of Twitter.

That's because the singer has posted a provocative photo of herself on the network, posing last night in nothing but bracelets and shorts. See for yourself here:

Rihanna Topless Twit Pic

The sexy shot is seemingly a promotion for her upcoming music video, which Rihanna is currently shooting and which will be in honor of a track on her latest album, "Where Have You Been?"

"Where have you been all my life?!" RiRi Tweeted along with the pic.

But perhaps it's also a response to her own father, Ronald Fenty, who told Heat magazine recently that Rihanna was a "little fat the last time I saw her."

Fenty added that he's cool with his daughter rekindling a relationship, professional or otherwise, with the man who beat her bloody just a couple years ago, saying:

"Chris is a nice guy and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life. God knows how many I've made. She's her own woman now."


shuuut da fuuck up ol u haters.. go get som life u madaf***kers.. remmbr a womans heart z softr n sensitiv den men. ... . !! i lov u rihanna ur just perfect. .. chris stil wants u too .. hes jst wit dat bitch to c u ur reactns .. to c wedr u stil hm o nt . .hes urs .God bles.muah.


It is high time u americans and the world live these young lovers alone.We are all bound to make mistake(s) in life.What is the big deal about two lovers fighting and making up?


No one desavs to b beat. doesnt matter wat mistake they dne. rihanna screwed up big tym to go back to that animal-way she pretty. she started out fine. wat happend along the way?poor gal!


WORD!!.....ladies,let her be!!.....i bet you was the ones in the situation.


This women is so desperate it is unbelievable.
This story is gonna end the same as Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. CB already showed her his true nature.
She is desperate and insecure like hell.
Off course her father is gonnna defend CB because,
he also caused his family lots of pain.
Rihanna probably doesn`t now anything better than physical and emotional abuse. So off course she wants him back.


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