Rihanna on Chris Brown Remixes: All About the Music!

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When Rihanna tapped her abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, to join her on a sexually explicit remix of "Birthday Cake" last month, the music world was shocked.

Chatting with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, she spoke about the reasons behind that remix and their other collaboration (on Brown's "Turn Up the Music").

"I reached out to him about doing 'Birthday Cake' because [he was] the only person that really made sense to do the record, just as a musician," Rih said.

"Despite everything else, that was gonna be the person."

Rihanna, Chris Brown Picture

"You know, I thought about rappers, [but] the hottest R&B artist right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track," she explained matter-of-factly.

In turn, she agreed to guest on his own remix, she said:

"It was a tradeoff. Two records - one for my fans, one for his fans. That way, our fans could come together. There shouldn't be a divide. It's music and it's innocent."

Brown violently assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna in February 2009, but the two have rekindled at least a friendship since that point, with rumors of more.

He attended her birthday party last month, and there's been talk of the pair secretly hooking up despite his ongoing relationship with girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Chris Brown and Rihanna collaborating musically ...


Since when is chris brown the hottest rnb singer in music?? right there told me that she didnt look into any other options and just wanted him for the track..poor girl is blinded by love. shes a freak so guess thats why she likes the odea of getying back with an abuser like him..rhianna can do so much better than that ugly ass mofo chris. that grammy he won was a joke btw..just a week year in rnb music, thats all.


That's sad that she makes excuses for it but oh well guess she doesn't know her worth because if she did she would move forward he's not the only man in the world !!!


It's fine. People make mistakes and if Rihanna can forgive him then her fans should be able to, HE hurt her and she's forgiven him, all you haters should too. I Love Rihanna, but i have nothing against Chris. He's very talented. And so is she.


It's too soon little girl, give it more time. I love his talent in music, however he needs more time to show, prove and rise from what is did and is capable of doing in anger. I don't want to see Her hurt that way again, next time he will not have a come back with anyone, regardless of his talent. I hope he recognizes that!


They are just doing it so everyone stops hating on Chris.Everyone says its the past but it doenst make it right what Chris did to Rihanna. I am sure it will happen again to his future girlfriend if he does not get any help.
If I was her I wouldn't want to collaborate with someone who did that to me but that's her choice.

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