Report: Britney Spears Offered $10 Million to Judge The X Factor

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Simon Cowell is reportedly putting a sizable amount of money where his headline-making mouth is.

A week after telling Billy Bush he's "fascinated" by Britney Spears and impressed by her "star power" and "resilience," reports are now surfacing that Cowell and The X Factor producers have offered the pop sensation $10 million to come on board as a season two judge.

Brit Brit

The news comes soon after Janet Jackson turned down a rumored X Factor offer and a few weeks after Cowell shot down the notion that he made a $100 million offer to Beyonce.

No word yet from Spears or any reps regarding the possibility of her hiring, but should she accept this deal? Would Britney make a strong X Factor judge?


Why doesn't the XFactor ask the public what WE think?? If Brittney goes on this show as a judge? I'm tuning out. I can't stand her nor can I respect her opinion. Simon left American Idol and I haven't watched it since. They have to be really careful with who they have do this because the viewership will be lost. Take it to vote Simon! Let the viewers tell you who they want to see. What a concept.


i doubt it, she already makes alot of money weather shes talented or not, i wouldnt hold my breath.


sorry, I'll quit watching if that dingy ass bitch is hired for the show...she's a no talent has been, and I've never liked her..maybe I'm crazy, but I think anybody 'judging' a singing talent show should actually be able to sing and know something about the business..I hope simon isn't just hiring warm bodies that he thinks will bring up the ratings..mistake..cause I for one will turn the channel..


I'm pretty sure Simon can't sing either he is a producer. Besides! Anyone can tell when someone is out of tune. The real issue is will people tune in to see Spears attempting to make a come back? I think its a great move! I will watch it if they had her on it. She may not be a great singer but she is a great performer (when she isn't messed up).


Personally i think Brittney Spears is not that great a singer....then again that obnoxious Nicole Sherzlinger, and Paula Abdul are no talent nothings, so ya, she would fit in as a judge on the x-factor........


Brit-Brit is SO OVER! And how can someone who can't really sing in the first place have any credibility judging someone else's vocal ability? And if Simon thought Paula and Nicole were airheads, wait 'til he works with this drained brain. BAD MOVE!


Its good money for me,not bad can't complain.

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