Reese Witherspoon: Pregnant with Third Child!

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While there's no word yet from the beauty herself, the latest issue of Us Weekly makes it as clear as can be: Reese Witherspoon is pregnant with her third child!
Reese Witherspoon, Red Dress

Multiple sources have reportedly confirmed the news to this tabloid, with one insider saying Reese is "12 weeks along." It will be the first baby for Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth, who got married in March 2011.

The star has two children - Ava, 12, and Deacon, 8 - with ex Ryan Phillippe.

Reese Witherspoon Pregnant!

"The timing is right," says an Us Weekly source, adding that Witherspoon only plans on telling a small circle of loved ones for now. "She's so happy!"

And we're so happy for her! Congrats to the couple and best wishes to the new family!


Another thing that many people don't like is referring to pregnancy as a baby bump!


MP actually just the opposite! The last time I looked this was still America and WE are all entitled to our opinions! Obviously only your redneck opinion counts!!! That shows YOUR IGNORANCE!!


Congrats to her & the family.....! May you have a safe & healthy pregnancy & delivery.


I say congrats. A new baby into a happy family is always a blessing. I wish them the best. As for all the haters out there u just jealous that she has what u don't. If u don't care then don't comment.


Good luck to her its a blessing


I'd hate to see what you look like, Sherron. Ass ugly, I'm sure.


I hardly think she is a beauty... Her chin looks like Jay Leno


This is news? I'm sure that most people are sick and tired of hearing about preggo celebrities!
Reese WEitherspoon?....Washed Up! Her last few movies have done poorly at the box office. Now people are realizing that it may have a mistake to 'give' her the Academy Award.


if this is true, i think its awesome. I have a lot of respect for reese just from seeing her on tv. I think she finally got the real man she always deserved. Its good shes moving on without that ahole. She can have more freedom now and experience a true family that lasts. Right on.

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