Racist Morons React to The Hunger Games: Rue is Black?!?

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Let's get this out of the way:

On page 45 of Suzanne Collins' novel, on which The Hunger Games is based, the author writes of Rue: "She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that's she's very like Prim in size and demeanor..."

So, yes, any reader of this franchise should be aware that the female Tribute from District 11 is African-American, as portrayed by Amandla Stenberg on the big screen. Not that it should matter, of course... but apparently it does to a slew of supposed fans

Consider the ignorant, racist Tweets many have sent over the past few days:

Racist Tweets

Fortunately, these idiots are in the minority, as The Hunger Games sky-rocketed to a record-breaking box office haul this weekend and has been generally well received by critics and theater goers alike.

As for these morons? If only Katniss could get them in her bow-and-arrow crosshairs...


what idiots. They really werent reading to well were they. I seen the title before i even read the story and i was thinking ummm she was blk in the book so why nt the movie. If ur going to take the time to read at least pay attention.


@ Phil Esteen Ohhhh, hell yes, they exist outside the Tea Party...matter of fact, more of 'em can be found outside than in--like, oh...say... the Black Panthers, the West Wing of the White House, Rev. Wright's church in Chicago, Louis Farrakahn's followers...everybody in Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's camp! Jesus! I sware they are just EVERYWHERE! Amazing--isn't it?!


WOW !! it shouldnt matter if she's black or not . black is a color , it doesn't change anything about who she is ! i am truly offended by these rude ass people. IGNORANCE isn't the answer .


Ewwwww....you mean stupid, racist white people exist outside of a Tea Party rally? Who knew "Hunger Games" freakoids are part of that pathetic clan of misshapen crackers?


Why people must fight over a skin. that's shows stupidity

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