Racist Morons React to The Hunger Games: Rue is Black?!?

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Let's get this out of the way:

On page 45 of Suzanne Collins' novel, on which The Hunger Games is based, the author writes of Rue: "She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that's she's very like Prim in size and demeanor..."

So, yes, any reader of this franchise should be aware that the female Tribute from District 11 is African-American, as portrayed by Amandla Stenberg on the big screen. Not that it should matter, of course... but apparently it does to a slew of supposed fans

Consider the ignorant, racist Tweets many have sent over the past few days:

Racist Tweets

Fortunately, these idiots are in the minority, as The Hunger Games sky-rocketed to a record-breaking box office haul this weekend and has been generally well received by critics and theater goers alike.

As for these morons? If only Katniss could get them in her bow-and-arrow crosshairs...

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I'm a white girl, and when i watched the previews and the movie, the only thing i thought was "omg rue is soo cute, she so fits the part, i dont wanna watch her die!" just trying to put in a good word for us white people who are not racist. :) hope everyones having a great day!!


Its so idiotic what these ignorant people are saying about this Rue. However, its okay for whites to paint their skin and portray blacks, native americans, ect. Anyone who sees such a problem with this little girl is obviously racist, idiotic, and arrogant. What makes you think only whites can act in movies?


I bet the Amandla Stenberg feels really good....well she is not doing drugs selling drugs or anything else most of us blacks do..so you should be happy first we dumb and ignorant now we act and sing and play sports and you still hate us wow..what will make you like us being president o that is not good enough either wow .....you just plain o hate us ..llolololol but you smile at us everyday at work lololol on the train and bus ...well at least I know how you really feel thanks.....


Its so disappointing that people are freaking out over a minor thing like race. If you are truly appalled by the fact that the characters are black in the movie, i bet u wouldn't complain to the amazing writer who envisioned this awesome series. But I guess people are just to ignorant these days.


I am sorry @ Chely. I shallow back all my words


@ maurice..... What??? How did u cme to that conclusion? Lol


@ Marice, I don't know how well you speak or understand English, but Chely was not defending racism, she is disgusted by it.


Chely you are the one who is idiot. How can u defend racism