Racist Morons React to The Hunger Games: Rue is Black?!?

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Let's get this out of the way:

On page 45 of Suzanne Collins' novel, on which The Hunger Games is based, the author writes of Rue: "She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that's she's very like Prim in size and demeanor..."

So, yes, any reader of this franchise should be aware that the female Tribute from District 11 is African-American, as portrayed by Amandla Stenberg on the big screen. Not that it should matter, of course... but apparently it does to a slew of supposed fans

Consider the ignorant, racist Tweets many have sent over the past few days:

Racist Tweets

Fortunately, these idiots are in the minority, as The Hunger Games sky-rocketed to a record-breaking box office haul this weekend and has been generally well received by critics and theater goers alike.

As for these morons? If only Katniss could get them in her bow-and-arrow crosshairs...

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Why does it matter if Rue was black? She still was portrayed perfectly and was as awesome as I thought she'd be. Why be racist over a movie? Why be racist at all?
It also clearly states that Rue was going to be dark-skinned and I thought it was a great thing for Suzanne to add. Geez, people. Get over it.


No PearTree people make racist comments, making things race issues. Black people don't make it a race issue. Thank you for your ignorance.


Some days it just smacks me in the face that racism like this still even exists.
I will admit, I didn't picture Rue being black. I actually saw her as Indian, flitting around an orchard of mango and papaya trees. So I had to take a second when I saw her to say, 'Wait, is that Rue? Okay, yeah, that's Rue.'
And you know what? It didn't bother me. Because it made absolutely zero difference. She was still the same sweet character. I also pictured Caesar Flickerman being older, and Greasy Sae being a little younger. It didn't ruin a damn thing, and as soon as I saw them on screen, I immediately accepted them as their characters, because the acting was superb.
I am a huge nerd, and a total stickler for by-the-book accuracy in movies. So it bothered me that, say, no one in District 12 seemed dirty or hungry or crazy-feral enough. (Gale could be District 2, look at that well-fed hunk of boy.) But race? Really? Come on, America.


The movie was pretty good. And yes Rue was black, so what! Too bad she had to die in the movie.


PearTree I believe you have missed the point entirely. The posts are from a few dumb a$$ WHITE people, complaining about the character being black. This is an issue about ignorance more than race and you have proved this point.


You idiots better remember that it doesn't matter if you are brown, black, white, beige or yellow that you should respect the person!


black people always make it a race issue.


i think the movie was awsome so every body stop being jerks


My daughter and I went to see the Hunger Games last weekend. We both agreed it was an outstanding movie. Very unusual, exciting, a scare as to what the future may bring to the world. We agreed one of the nicest parts was when the "black" girl helped the star by using the bee hive to kill the "enemy", who should not have been an "enemy", but comrads in life and survival for life. The "star" was so attached to the "black" girl who helped her, she loved her. It was sweet. They were best friends trying to survive in a hopeless situation. Interesting theme. So you know that if you take the skin off people they all look exactly the same underneath, right. First there is muscle, then arteries, veins, bloody things, organs such as the HEART, then the bones. So why should anyone care what tanned color the skin was of any of the actors in the Hunger Games. Rip it off and you are all the same.


LOL it took Nikki 6 times of watch hunger games to realize that a person was black in terms of colour wow!

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