Racist Morons React to The Hunger Games: Rue is Black?!?

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Let's get this out of the way:

On page 45 of Suzanne Collins' novel, on which The Hunger Games is based, the author writes of Rue: "She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that's she's very like Prim in size and demeanor..."

So, yes, any reader of this franchise should be aware that the female Tribute from District 11 is African-American, as portrayed by Amandla Stenberg on the big screen. Not that it should matter, of course... but apparently it does to a slew of supposed fans

Consider the ignorant, racist Tweets many have sent over the past few days:

Racist Tweets

Fortunately, these idiots are in the minority, as The Hunger Games sky-rocketed to a record-breaking box office haul this weekend and has been generally well received by critics and theater goers alike.

As for these morons? If only Katniss could get them in her bow-and-arrow crosshairs...

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Its so sad to see grown people attacking a 13 year old girl like that. Its comments are just plain disgusting. Personally I tought Amandla was an amasin Rue, the only problem I had with her was that she was so damn adorable that I coulden`t stop crying about her death for almoust two days.


1. Rue and Thresh were both described to be black in the book. Collins didn't leave us with a Cinna description. She only described the clothes he wore.
2. I love how Katniss was described to have olive skin (skin color ranging from Asian to a native American/mixed race) and they got a white girl to play her and no one noticed or said anything about it :/ not saying Jennifer Lawrence was bad because she did amazing in that film, but still...
3. Does it really matter if Rue was black or not? Amandla did great. So they're basically saying that seeing a 12-year-old white girl die is sadder than seeing 12-year-old black girl die? It to doesn't matter. It's a 12-year-old DYING! People are so disgusting now, honestly.


Just saw the movie, just heard the rumour. Got to hand to all of you. Especially nicolesymone for her poignant remarks. You go girl. Tell those silly white folks how silly they are. Personally if I were you I'd be more a little more pissed about the leading black character being portrayed as adept at climbing trees... but hey... I'm a little more traditional when it comes racial indignation. And for the rest of you... feel free to look up an online thesaurus or dictionary. I'm sure with those resources and a half an hour you should be able to figure out what the f*ck i'm talking about. For the record I think your all idiots. But then I think most people are idiots. Worst part is I'm not that smart. Kind of a grim reality when you think about it.... Good movie though.


It was stated in the book< so what's with the big uprising. Personally, I liked Rue in the movie and my sister(who has not read the books) thought she was adorable.


I also did not picture Rue as black I did not really picture Prim or any others races either. I was a bit confused over the lack of similarity in size.


The actress that plays Rue is 13 years old . Just think about that, and then think about the things you are saying about her portraying Rue as an African American ..


Your president is Black... why can't a character in a book be Black?... Ignorance at all levels... wow!! Maybe we shoud allow you racists to put your names in the tribute bowl at the reaping if it existed. Katniss was not a racist.. surely she'd take you guys out.


ARE SERIOUS! You people need to stop making this into an issue. So what if Rue is black if you read the book the author clearly describes her as African american but that does not even matter. If you have a problem with it then just don't watch the movie and stop being so STUPID.


Alot of you who are hating on Rue because she's black need to get a reality check.Why are you white girls so jealous and insecure. Take a good look in the mirror because you all are pathetic.Rue's character added alot of spunk and personality that you guys evidently dont have.


Peartree- please at least read the articles and understand the issues you're rudely and ignorantly commenting on to save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a racist imbecile. The problem here is ignorance, and you couldn't have provided a more solid, stellar example of that.