Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Reveal: A Letdown?

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SPOILER ALERT: On last night's Pretty Little Liars season two finale, the ABC Family hit revealed the identity of the individual who has been stalking residents of Rosewood. Stop reading now if you wish to delay your surprise.

Four Pretty Little Liars

So... that was it?!?

After months of saying her show would plot a different course from the books on which it's based, Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King revealed the identity of A to be Mona, the same person guilty of such crimes in the novel.

Moreover, is she even A? If she simply working for A? Should we refer to the anomyous individual to whom Mona spoke at the conclusion of the episode as B?

While any season finale needs to build momentum and mystery heading into a break, this one seems to have simply pretended to answer a major question while, in reality, just extending the same question as always to this summer when PLL returns.

Won't someone still be stalking the girls? Won't viewers still be wondering who is out there? What actually changed last night?

Sound off now: Were you satisfied with the reveal of A on Pretty Little Liars?


yes i was shocked mona was a good friend to hannah
but i think in the finale when i saw the girl with the
black swan dress was melissa so i think all the texting and threats
made mona crazy so whenthe new season begins melissa will still be the one guilty or melissa and jenna are put togther to do this to the girls so we will just see what happens but hopefully melissa will be the one in all of this


I swear, this show leaves me speechless all the time. When Emilys mom said "They found a body," that was enough for me. But when they said "They think its Maya's," My jaw dropped. I started to cry when Emily started screaming and wanted to go over to the ambulence. And Mona is helping the real A. A bunch of shit because they got us all worked up and at the end theirs still A....besides Mona.


well i was one of the few who actually liked it i was just getting to like mona though i dont think shes the head one i think that will be allison with jenna at her side i agree with the a team and i bet theres aguy or 2 in there mite even be ezra there was parts i didnt like and who dresses these girls pretty bad. glad toby and spencer are back .couldnt figure what purpose dr sullivan had.i sure marlene king is getting a lot of slack but shes got a few tricks up her sleeve