President Obama Sings "Sexy and I Know It" ... Sort of

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Barack Obama is sexy, and he knows it.

So much so that The President of the United States loves to sing "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO, it turns out. Okay, "sings" is a bit of a stretch. But he does speak the lyrics in a montage of spliced-together clips set to the beat of the hit song.

The result? A hilarious foreign policy platform, to say the least.

Girl. Look at that. Body. I-I-I-I work out. Enjoy:


ok i that was some funny funny shit im assuming that the last two people to post didnt even watch the video


Can he possibly be more useless? This guy is Americas BIG Mistake! Ohhhhhh but he can talk! Yeah! I'm sure the young Females will get their fill! I can hear them now as they are standing with Tyree in the Govvvvment Check line! He has the Substance that can only be matched by the phonies on HG! Yes- If it's Free Obama- count me and Tyrone in! Never the less- I will Step over them just as I ignore every Obama Speech and song! He thinks he is slick and so do others!


Well, it's good he knows SOMETHING because he's clueless on the economy and energy. The two things worrying the American voter at this time! Tell me how being 'sexy' makes you a viable, competent leader of the free world. I've seen very 'unsexy' people be the most dynamic, inspiring leaders in the past--and most of them couldn't carry a tune! Yet they could manage their nations quite competently. Isn't that really what matters?


LOL! Very cool!


He IS sexy. So glad he knows it! Mwwwaaaaaahhh Mr President.


LOVE IT!!!!!!


i love black people

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