President Obama Sings "Sexy and I Know It" ... Sort of

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Barack Obama is sexy, and he knows it.

So much so that The President of the United States loves to sing "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO, it turns out. Okay, "sings" is a bit of a stretch. But he does speak the lyrics in a montage of spliced-together clips set to the beat of the hit song.

The result? A hilarious foreign policy platform, to say the least.

Girl. Look at that. Body. I-I-I-I work out. Enjoy:


@Team Me Some how you look like Arianna Huffington which might explain your political bend. Haters? Nahhhhhhh, no more than radical liberals hate Romney and the GOP! Anti-Christ--Oh, please! You are supporting a man who wants to shred the constitution, and continue this nation's path down the road to socialism. It's been pointed out he has the personality characteristics of a "dictator". The Anti-Christ would be all about control..takeover...his health care plan has embedded in it a mandate we'll all have to get micro chips put in are hands or wrists with NO ONLY our health care history, but our financial history. Go back to Revelations, Me, read about the mark of the beast. Nope, I think if you were honest with yourself & others you'd admit you're lookin' at the Anti-Christ with Obama. So, c'mon now...jump on the bandwagon & let's get him outta there--NOW!


Julie: Don't bother with that loser Texas, Reed and A WHOLE bunch of other handles. He's just one of those inbred rednecks that works out of his basement, who gets off on TROLLING!


@political analyst--And just where did you get your political sense and knowledge from? A cracker Jack box? A bubble gum wrapper? Your beloved Obama is sinkin', man! If his Obama Care goes down you need to volunteer to help the family pack for that long trip back to Chicago! Uh,huh...this is REALITY, baby! Romney's gonna win it and it couldn't be any too soon for me! ROMNEY IN 2012!!!!


@Julie Ummmmmm...let me guess here now. 67? Neci? Tequila? Or some such other toadie hangin' with the crowd? Don't bother to answer it'll be a lie anyway. You seem new here, but noticed you zeroed in on Texas real quick. Interesting. And so obvious! You really must take some lessons on being successfully "stealth". If anything it just makes the whole cat'n mouse thing so much more fun!


@Texas: Boy lay off the Meth. Whats got your pink polkadot panties twisted this time?? Mensa member you are not, thats for sure. Someone should do a Romney "everyday I'm shuffling" mashup in tribute to the etch-a-sketch gaffe ;-)


Obama is beta than Gingrich or Romney for me he'l get 70% of american votes as GIngrich gangs 20% u like it or not.


Obama rules! Literally,

Team me

FUCK Mitt Romney. Antichrist.


T-911 - you got confused! You answered as Julie on another Thread when I mentioned Jerome here! You blew it! Tomorrow - get another user phony bitch! By the way- I know you run a Train! You got it in you! Bad! Filthy slut!


Yes Tequila- we have seen it all before. Just like I saw your ignorant Unemployed uninsured Ass coming! There is added pleasure to get him out! It will keep you down. You and Stanky Tyrone - I'm guessing it was a necessity to learn how to cook grits? You standing there in pink curlers with little Jerome! Talkin- Romey! Baby be dun need some milk! Bring back some Kool's! By the way- Alberto? in obvious lower case? You are as sharp as a Volleyball. Time for u to get Neci out of the Bullpen! Drink the Koolaid! You can't think for yourself. God I would hate to be associated with you. No wonder your here. You have no one but your pretend playmates from your youth.

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