President Obama Raves About Bulls Title Hopes, Jeremy Lin, Omar From The Wire

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U.S. President Barack Obama was actually the guest on Bill Simmons’ "B.S. Report" podcast today ... something we don't see Mitt Romney doing anytime soon.

During the 24-minute, basketball-oriented sit-down, Obama guaranteed a Chicago Bulls title before he leaves office ... presumably by 2017, not this summer.

He also raved about fellow Harvard grad Jeremy Lin, the underdog who's sparked Linsanity around the nation (and the New York Knicks' recent win streak).

“I’ve been on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon for awhile,” Obama boasted.


The Prez said that his Secretary of Education, former Harvard basketball captain Arne Duncan, had talked about Lin while the point guard was still in college.

“It’s a terrific story. He seems like a wonderful young man; it elevates this great sport all around the world,” the 50-year-old Commander-in-Chief added.

Simmons, ESPN's hilarious and knowledgeable Sports Guy, went on to ask the president’s opinion on who the best basketball player of all time is.

Obama took a safe, biased (and hard to argue with) route: Michael Jordan.

Simmons also asked him to name the best character on the critically ignored but beyond awesome HBO series The Wire, to which Obama said, “It’s got to be Omar, right? I mean, that guy’s unbelievable ... That was one of the best shows of all time.”

It really was. Seriously, go Netflix it. Today.

And watch Obama's full talk with Simmons.


Well alrighty then. God bless.


@ 4u as if Excuse me? But you must be mistaking me for somebody who honestly give a SHIT!!! Advice: Take this weekend and do something productive with your "kids" besides goal tending this site. You've come off like a very poor mother, if in fact you are one at all. And if not that? Then go back to turnin' your tricks! I'm sure you have your pimp on speed dial! PS The person in question has vanished.


I've posted once (excluding these) since the weekend. Hit a bit of a situation.....their older siblings. I told you one, but have know idea of the other's username. This wasn't suppose to go so wrong, the second time in 15 years. The projects normally open their eyes and make them better adults. They still learned alot from Y and other's reactions. I didn't want to comment like that, but knew you would respond. Duh is not with us, so that's probably why he/she was confused. I'll keep watching through the weekend.....then hopefully the older brother will go away.


@4u as if How would you know if they are fans anyway? Yes, never underestimate your opponent! You might be surprised who that has turned out to be. Watch your back! At any rate, you will not win. Some would call it "sleeping with the enemy".


Is it "Just me" or did Lin give me "67" reasons to enjoy basketball again. No......maybe "shoe legume" or "Kansas O-line" know since they're fans. Obama, pack your bags. Take a trip to's beautiful, always has been and always will be. Never under estimate your opponent.


oh i was waiting for a smartass comment thank u ugh cuz we all kno wk is 24/7 and god forbid the prez have a 20min interview that has sum fluff. The world must be coming undone now! Lol :)


All play and no work. Must be nice to be the prez.

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