Phillip Phillips: Rainin Down on American Idol!

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Phillip Phillips didn't merely put on one of the best performance last night, he received the biggest compliment of any American Idol contestant.

If this were 1975, Stevie Nicks told the Dave Matthews-like crooner, Phillips would've been asked to join Fleetwood Mac. Phillip then went out and proved worthy of this praise, singing a version of Jonny Lang's "Still Rainin" with his usual style and confidence.

"This is too much. We’re standing up too much," Jennifer Lopez gushed afterward. "That was a great performance. Amazing."

Is Phillip Phillips your favorite? Watch him in action now and try to pick out a flaw:

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Would love to hear Phil do a Joe Cocker tune titled"Feeling Alright" I bet he would nail it.


Phillip is absolutely great! He takes such joy in the music it is incredible. I hope he wins. I will certainly vote for him.


I sure as heck wouldn't want to be compared with Taylor Hicks. Where is he now anyway? Just because you win something, doesn't always mean you earned it.


I mostly watch AI now to see Phillip Phillips... was starting to lose interest in my favorite all-time show last year and then I caught a glimpse of Phillips' audition and I was a bit hooked. I really don't see the comparison to Taylor Hicks at all. Taylor seemed a bit phony and only nice when he was being filmed... you could tell that Paula did not like him at all and I read where she said he wasn't the same backstage when all the cameras were off of him. Phillip, on the other hand, well.... there's just no comparison.


Phillips is bound for history, and the new generation will be listening to him for years to come. Prior to him, only Adam Lambert could make people rise from their seats. Nothing will ever top Adam sitting on the chair and bring MAD WORLD to us. And, he should have won the whole thing. It will ne Jessica and Phillip standing in the end


Actually, the ultimate compliment is being compared to the incomparable Taylor Hicks, one of the BEST blues and soul singers that came from Idol - and who won it. Unfortunately, there is only one Taylor Hicks. Phillip is good tho.


Phillip is AWESOME! You have to love his music to appreciate him. Stevie was right, he would have been a great Fleetwood Mac addition. i hope he wins idol. Either way he is going to be great.


I don't get the whole Phillips thing. I think he is boring and his voice is nothing special. I have to agree with Shogun - sounds the same on every song. Another Taylor Hicks in the making.


Phillips is the best I have seen on Idol and I have watched every season and show.I am totally absorbed and moved by the emotion expressed in his face,body and voice.I would pay big bucks to see this guy solo in concert.Absolutely a STAR in the making.Amazing and moving.


Jealousy is a bitch huh? Philips amazing I'd be suprised if he didn't win.