Phillip Phillips on American Idol: Moving Out, Moving On?

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Forgive this broken-record-sounding statement, but: Phillip Phillips put on the best performance of any American Idol male last night.

The Dave Matthews wannabe nailed a version of Billy Joel's "Moving Out," sticking to his typical guitar use but adding almost a bit of anger to the cover. He definitely brought an edge to this slowed-down version of a classic.

All the judges have Phillip props to sticking to who he is as a singer. Watch him do so here:

On the woman's side? Elise Testone and Jessica Sanchez both had winning weeks.


Yes michelle you are alone. Phillip is going to win American idol, he is an amazing artist


Phillip Phillips is brilliant. I can't say enough about him. From Day ONE he is my odds on favorite to win American Idol this season. And I'm a country girl from a very small town you may have heard of, NEW YORK CITY!!!! Can't wait for his first CD, and his first Grammy for Best New Artist! If he was a racehorse, I would bet the farm on him! If Phillip Phillips was a stock on NYSE I would sell the farm and invest it all. Totally excited for what he will contibute to the world of music!


Michelle, yes you are alone. Phillip Phillips will win American Idol - bet the bank on that. We in his hometown of Leesburg, GA are behind him all the there. And how do you know he is a snob? Do you know him????? I didn't think please zip your mouth up before you say nasty things about people you don't know.


Am I alone? I do not like Phillip Phillips. He is no "American Idol" - he is a singing snob. Also, I don't like what he did to the Billy Joel song.


this has nothing to do with heejun lol


Heejun has bothered me from the start. something creepy about him, from the blank stares to the strange statements. His voice is nothing special and it showed last nite. Time for him to go.

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