PETA on Kim Kardashian Flour Bombing: Fine By Us!

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Upon dousing Kim Kardashian with flour last night, a woman reportedly referred to the reality star as a "Fur Hag!"

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    PETA on Kim Kardashian Flour Bombing: Fine By Us!
    Guys, dont work your right hands out))
    You are welcome)


    Lol... She looks horrible for once


    fuck off . Kimmm you shouldd suee and kick her ass at dhee same time who cares about animals qod made them for us to eat and use and to live but still . Leave kim alone ya mad causee yall cheapp ass fuck and buy fake ass fur . You HOEZ!


    I wish someone would have thrown animal blood all over her instead of a bit of let her know just how these animals bleed as they are killed for the sake of a bit of fur. And is it just me or is Khloe the spitting image of O.J. Simpson????????????????????


    ouch....what a waste of flour


    I'm suspicious! Was this woman put up to this by the Kardashian chick just to get more publicity. Clearly, she's addicted to having herself plastered all over everywhere - publicity, publicity and more publicity seems to be her moto.


    Hey! Flour stories SELL! Folks can get into that white powdery stuff! It's's exciting! In a world of violence and bloodshed, something as benign as flour is a refreshing change from all the horror on the 6 o'clock news! It could have been worse! Someone could have gotten the idea to throw a big vat of Dominoes pizza dough at her! Talk about sticky, gooey--yuck! And that stuff's heavy in large volume. It could of flattened her!


    I mean there is at least six different articales about somebody dumping flour on Kim. We get the godamn point! Who gives a shit about Kim with flour on her!? And it's disgusting how people still hurt animals for fur and products made with them. Kim, your a disgusting little attention bitch who doesn't give a shit about anyone but yourself.


    This is unfortunately how people learn about what happens to animals. Young people need to be informed in a non-shocking way so they dont go out and buy these ridiculous fur-looking coats or animal print jackets or leather coats(which arent even warm). It wasnt until I read peta's site and did a little research that I learned the extent of animal-made products(like shoes and make-up and even soaps). The sellers and the buyers are the problem. There are a few people(like jennifer lopez and kim and kims sister and that old lady from that fashion police show) who are too selfish to listen but its our job to ask for animal-free items.


    Iam sooo happy...BITCH...go to hell

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