Pauly D to DJ Snooki Baby Shower

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Snooki didn't have to look far for baby shower entertainment.

The Jersey Shore star, who is pregnant and engaged to Jionni LaValle, recently made a very special request to her co-star Paul DelVecchio, a.k.a. Pauly D.

"She told me she wants me to deejay the delivery room," Pauly tells People. "I might have to decline, but I told her I'll just deejay he baby shower."

Yeah Buddy

His baby shower DJ role will have to come in between his deejaying at Las Vegas's Hard Rock Hotel, where he is beginning a deejaying residency.

He also has a show, The Pauly D Project, premiering on MTV March 29.

While he won't be in charge of the baby shower, he has thought about what a Pauly D baby shower would look like for his Jersey Shore cast mate.

"I would have spray tan booths in the corner, because she loves to tan, and a lot of loud music," he says. "And I'd have pickles everywhere, too."

He's also given some thought to styling Snooki's baby when he/she is born.

"I think it's ready for hair gel as soon as it comes out. If there is hair, throw some gel in there," he says. "Too young to tan though. Don't tan."

"You gotta be 18 for that. Maybe a spray tan."


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