Paula Deen Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Already embroiled in controversy over her recent disclosure of diabetes, Paula Deen is now accused of sexual harassment in the termination of an employee.

The queen of Southern fried cooking nixed allegedly philandering general manager of one of her restaurants because, as she put it, "If you think I have worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of p**sy, you better think again."

Paula replaced the G.M. with a woman, and now she's suing Paula and her brother for ... sexual harassment. That qualifies as irony right there.

Poor Paula

Lisa Jackson worked as G.M. for Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Ga., from 2005-2010. Paula's brother, Bubba Hiers, is part owner with Paula.

Lisa claims Bubba brought "inescapable pornography" to the workplace all the time, often visiting XXX websites on the kitchen computer and failing to log off. Smart.

According to the suit, Bubba allegedly asked Lisa to bring pics of herself to work, photos of her when she was younger, telling her, "You have nice legs."

Bubba also told Lisa two women at the restaurant were "fat girls" and shouldn't be wearing capri pants or skirts. Lisa also says Bubba once told another female employee who had just received dentures, "I bet your husband is going to like that."

Lisa goes on to say that Bubba once told a joke to the staff that described why men should have sex with women who had flat heads ... "because you can sit your beer on top of her head while she is giving you a b**w job."

And Lisa says Bubba is racist, using the N word a lot and making racist jokes.

There's a lot more, including alleged violent behavior on Bubba's part and an incident where he allegedly kissed Lisaand spit on her. Lisa, who says she was forced to quit because of intolerable working conditions, is suing for unspecified damages.

No comment from Deen's camp.



We had planned a family reunion in savannah in july we had planned to have dinner at her restaurunt but i guess we wouldn't be welcome there, so we will pass like Lori


I've lived in 3 southern states and I have heard a lot of racist comments and sexual harrassment is common as well. I've always wanted to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah. I think I will take a pass now.


this is so stupid, people try to get a free ride all the time by banking on other peoples fame. I am not saying that maybe Bubba or anyone was blameless, but i doubt it went to the degree this incredibly dumb chick is saying it did. This is probably the girl who was having Justin Biebers baby.


sounds another deadbeat wanting someone else to pay the way. easy to accuse without any real proof. she was let go not quit. why was it the behavior ok as long as she had a job. but NOW she offended. very suspicious.


well, you name a kid "bubba" and this is how he turns out. ;-)
let's be sure to keep bubba out of skirts and capri pants, except for lush's and rove's personal soirees.

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